Saturday, July 23, 2016

Laundromat Coming To Wilson & Magnolia Strip Mall

The strip mall at 4550 N. Magnolia (Google)
According to building permits with the city, a laundromat is coming to the corner space of the strip mall on the SW corner of Wilson and Magnolia. This space was most recently "Uptown Produce." It isn't the most exciting retail we can think of, but it is certainly something that a lot of people can use. Butcher paper has been up in the windows for a while, so inquiring minds were wondering what was in store for the spot. Now we know!

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  1. That strip mall, and its first cousin to the east, have gotta go. Hope Ald. Cappleman is working on it. On both sites, need high quality, market rate housing and high quality retail (if there is such a thing anymore).