Sunday, June 5, 2016

Survey Results For The Space Under The New Tracks

From the Wilson Underline Committee:

"Between February and March, 2016, the Wilson 'L' Public Space Committee in collaboration with the Graceland Wilson Neighbors Association conducted a community survey to assess what amenities residents envisioned for a potential public space under the Wilson 'L' tracks between Montrose and Wilson. An overwhelming and supportive 931 people responded to the survey. Please see the survey summary results below.

To view the Executive Summary Report and full survey results please visit:

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The WILSON UNDERLINE has already been featured in the Chicago Tribune and on NBC 5 Chicago News. Please listen in this Saturday morning from 6am-7am when WGN Radio 720AM will be covering the WILSON UNDERLINE for their "Outside the Loop" segment. A podcast of the segment will air on Sunday just in case you miss it.

Next Steps. We need your help! The Wilson 'L' Public Space Committee is seeking excited individuals to join us in our efforts! We need additional volunteers to assist with: rallying local businesses for support, procuring funding sources, strategizing project implementation, etc...

If you have an interest in this project and want to help in any capacity, please email us to learn more!"

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