Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Parking Tickets for Zone 1130? Not So Fast!

Some helpful advice from a reader on erroneously issued parking tickets today:

"As you know, Magnolia Ave in the 4600-4700 blocks is becoming permit parking at the end of the month. Apparently one cop jumped the gun, however, and started giving out $75 violations TWO WEEKS EARLY!

Several cars parked along those two blocks of Magnolia (mine included) had orange parking violations affixed to their windows this morning (6/14/16) although the restriction doesn't go into effect until 6/28/16 at 6 PM.

The tickets will still need to be contested but the alderman's office said they would gladly supply a letter of support to stuff in your envelope when you send it back to the city clerk's office. DO NOT PAY THIS FINE!"


  1. Maybe the Officer who "jumped the gun" should be disciplined. Why should law abiding parkers have to take the time to contest these illegal tickets?

  2. Take your ticket to the police station at Addison and Halsted and they will dismiss it for you.

  3. This whole thing is a joke and revenue for the city.

    25.00 for a pass and 75.00 for a ticket, but the vehicle in questioned will still stay in same spot.

  4. You can thank your neighbors for this ridiculousness!!!