Thursday, June 2, 2016

Latest On Sheridan Park Shootings

From Ald. Cappleman's email newsletter:

"Since last Friday afternoon, Sheridan Park has experienced 3 shootings.

Commander Cesario and Captain Gonzalez have told me that these incidents are currently under investigation. They do have video footage and some leads that they are examining.

This type of violence is both senseless and unacceptable. I've already been in discussion with the Sheridan Park Neighbors Association to schedule a Meet & Greet with neighbors to explore ways we can strengthen our community to work together to stand up to violence.

If you would like help organizing an event on your street or neighborhood organization, please contact my office at

If you have any additional information on these shooting, please contact the 19th District CAPS Office at 312-744-0064 or"

A reminder that CAPS meets tonight at 4101 North Broadway, at 6:30pm.


  1. Well this new police chief seems to be having a big impact on the crime in Chicago. Rahm Emanuel ignores the recommendation of the police board to do what he wants and the citizens of Chicago continue to suffer. Is it illegal to recall the mayor and if not why hasn't someone taken up this cause?

  2. Maybe you will enlighten us as to just what exactly the mayor of Chicago can do about this culture of violence in Uptown and on the south and west sides. Other than providing the greatest feasible police presence, I do not know what else he can possibly do.

  3. One thing the mayor could do is demand the police actually respond to calls for issues less than murder. That would be a nice start. If there aren't enough police to do that, then create a similar agency to respond specifically to "less than murder" calls.
    Sort of like Urgent Care versus Emergency


  4. The police presence is around, but when you have a mayor and alderman who aren't backing the police. The police can only do some much, arrest are down across the entire city. Why cause if somebody complains the Mayor and Alderman side with the victim. If you talk to any police officer if they arrest somebody, by the time they finish the report. The criminals are back out on the street.

    If we want to fix the problem there needs to be stricter laws and enforce them to the full extent