Thursday, June 2, 2016

IPRA To Meet Monthly In Uptown

The Independent Police Review Authority has announced that it will hold weekly public meetings in satellite locations around the city to increase public participation in the process. One of those locations is in Uptown.

According to the press release, "IPRA investigators will be available at each location on the appointed dates and times to accept new complaints, answer any questions community members may have regarding the agency and/or the investigative process or receive an update on a pending case."

IPRA will be available in Uptown the second Wednesday of each month, 2pm-4pm, at 845 West Wilson, in the North Area Center. The first Uptown meeting will be June 8th.

You can read the entire press release here.


  1. 2-4pm - when everyone is still at work. Clever...

    1. They seem to be staggering the hours of the community-based meetings between days and evenings. Two areas (St. Sabina and 10 S. Kedzie) have evening hours and two areas (Uptown and the King Center on the South Side) hae afternoon hours.