Wednesday, June 29, 2016

19th District Officers Hold Week Of Public Events Beginning Now

If you've got something you'd like to say to 19th District police officers, it's never been easier to find them.  This is from Ald. Cappleman's website about their public presence in the upcoming week. (The 19th District is everything in Uptown south of Lawrence; the 20th District is everything north of Lawrence.)

"Join the Chicago Police Department’s 19th District CAPS Office and Alderman James Cappleman for a week of events in Uptown. Meet 19th District Police Officers and your neighbors as we come together to make Uptown a safer community.

Wednesday 6/29
  • 11-1pm — CAPS Information Table at Wilson and Racine
  • 11am — Outdoor Roll Call at Wilson and Racine
  • 7pm — Outdoor Roll Call at Clarendon Park 4501 N. Clarendon

Thursday 6/30
  • 11am — Outdoor Roll Call 1145 W. Wilson in front of Truman College
  • 2-4pm — CAPS Information Table at Sheridan and Wilson
  • 7pm — Outdoor Roll Call Sheridan and Wilson

Friday 7/1
  • 11am — Outdoor Roll Call Sunnyside Mall – Sunnyside and Malden
  • 6-7pm — Positive Loitering 1100-1200 Block of Wilson with Truman College Security
  • 7pm — Outdoor Roll Call 1145 W. Wilson

Saturday 7/2
  • 11-1pm — Ice Cream Social with Sheridan Park Neighbors at Bronco Billy Playlot 4437 N. Magnolia
  • 11am — Outdoor Roll Call Bronco Billy Playlot
  • 7pm — Outdoor Roll Call 1200 W. Leland

Sunday 7/3
  • 11-12pm — Positive Loitering Wilson and Broadway
  • 11am — Outdoor Roll Call Wilson and Broadway
  • 7pm — Outdoor Roll Call Wilson CTA Station

Monday 7/4
  • 10am  — Outdoor Roll Call at Clarendon Park 4501 N. Clarendon
  • 7pm — Outdoor Roll Call at Wilson and Kenmore

For more information, please contact 19th District Community Policing Office at 312-744-0064 or

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  1. All those roll calls on Wilson this week wouldn't have anything to do with the filming, would they? *wink* *wink*