Friday, May 27, 2016

Person Shot On Racine Near Wilson

Readers report that 10-15 shots were fired in front of 4621 North Racine (St. Martha Manor) around 2:15pm and someone was hit. No details yet. An ambulance is on the scene. Ald. Cappleman tweeted, "At scene after man shot on 4600 block of N. Racine. Increased [police] presence already planned for Memorial Weekend. Under investigation."

We remind you that tonight there will be positive loitering at Wilson and Sheridan with 19th District police officers and community members.

There will also be a peace march with the 20th District officers and commander beginning at Argyle and Sheridan tonight.

If you have questions or concerns about safety, and that's most of us, please take the opportunity to talk to them.

We will post updates as we hear them.

Update: The Tribune says, "The victim's age was not available, but Tannehill said he suffered a leg wound and was in good condition at the scene."

Update: A poster on UU's Facebook page says, "Busted a car's windows and there are bullet holes in Martha's Manor."

Update: We hear that the person who was shot was an employee at St. Martha Manor who had stepped out for a smoke break. The shooters were in a car and the employee is believed to have been targeted. There is camera footage of the shooting.


  1. We need the Swat team go to these buildings and get rid of these known gangbangers.Then the rival gangbangers wont have a reason to be around.

  2. When they DONT SAY the victim was a known gang member, what does that indicate and who is any person who is NOT a known gang member. Who is being shot?

  3. This is likely due to the kids who loiter and sell drugs in front of the store between Jimmy John's and 7/11. Obviously too small potatoes (or the cops are being paid off) until an incident like this occurs for the alderman or chicago's finest to care. Sadly I'm so desensitized to this sort of thing that I've just come to accept that bullets fly when the temperature rises. We need solutions and the police or the alderman are clueless, dishonorable, provide us lip service rather than resolutions, and stand by as bystanders scratching their heads with a "huh" look on their faces.

  4. The police say the person was targeted, he was an employee and he went out for a smoke and the people who shot him must have known that he was going out for a smoke because...?

    Is it because they had survelliance, staked out the place? Is that what gang members do, they stake out locations, do research like when he's going to take a break? So the police are implying that this person was targeted.

    That doesn't seem likely. What worries me, is the possibility that people are shooting other people for the thrill.

    1. Who says that the POLICE are saying the employee was targeted, Stu? We don't know what the police are saying.

      Yes, gang members do surveil the people they consider targets. How else do you think they find them?

      Say I wanted to find you. I know where you work. I park in front of where you work, while you work. You come out to sneak a smoke. Mission accomplished.

    2. I agree gstorm we need something to happen before it gets any worse in Uptown.22 shootings in city since Friday and you read about all these shootings going on around Wilson areas.

  5. It won't get any better across the city until the elected officials step up to the plate.

    When a LEO arrest someone and they are back out on the street before the police report is done. Why should police waste their time?

    When cappy steps up and realizes a march isn't going to fix the problem. We will start to see change