Friday, April 8, 2016

Take Part In CPD's Citizens Police Academy

From the 20th District Police:

"The Chicago Police Department has a unique opportunity for citizens to learn important strategies for a safer community and an opportunity to discover the day to day operations of the police department. The object of the program is to give attendees a better understanding of police operations and community relations and how they work together to achieve a stronger and safer community.

The program is called "Citizens Police Academy" and it runs from Tuesday, April 19 to Tuesday, June 21, 2016.  The classes meet every Tuesday, 6:00pm to 9:00pm, at the Chicago Police Academy located at 1300 W. Jackson, 2nd Fl Atrium.

The requirement for the participants of the Citizens Police Academy as follows:
  • 21 or older
  • Live or work in the city
  • No prior felonies
  • No pending court cases
  • Must be approved by District Commander
There will be 9 sessions, 3 hours each.  The last week (week 10) will be graduation.  All participants that complete a minimum of 7 weeks will receive a certificate of completion."

An overview of the course is here. The required application is here.

If you are interested taking advantage of this very unique opportunity to attend Citizens Police Academy, please forward the completed application to Sgt. Atour Bethishou by April 11th.  Classes start on April 19, 2016.  You may contact him at the 20th District CAPS office (312-742-8770) or via email.

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