Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One Empty Lot Prepares For Construction, Another For Use As A Staging Area

Yesterday the long-empty adjoining lots on the 4600 block of Malden were fenced off with green tarp. It is a sign of progress, but not at that site.

A reader sent in this photo and says, "Before everyone gets too excited about a new development coming to the large vacant lot in the 4600 block of Malden, this is simply being used as a staging area for the upcoming 4627 Beacon development. Both lots are owned by the same developer. You can see how both lots line up perfectly, allowing easy access for construction equipment."

4627 Beacon has sat empty since Christmas Eve of 2005, when developer Chris Byrne demolished the oldest house in Sheridan Park, an 1892 orange-coded Queen Anne-style home. (You can read more about it in the Tribune.) The lot is now owned by Steve Sgouras, who will be building a seven-unit condo building on the Beacon site. With the Malden lots being set up to be a staging area, we are guessing that construction on the new building will get underway very soon.

With the same developer owning the Malden lots, dare we hope they will be developed sometime in our lifetimes? They've been empty since at least the mid-1970s.


  1. My dream is to just get a team together and create a park on that lot over a long weekend. Just squat on it as a community.

  2. Don't we have more than enough squatting already?

  3. No squatting please. A park is always nice, but then it also gives the bangers a place to hang. I say we allow the original plans of beautiful market rate housing to keep the neighborhood going in the right direction and encourage decent proper retail to return to Wilson.

  4. It's a nice pipe dream that someone would buy a lot, pay upkeep and taxes for squatting.
    Unreal!!! Also, what revenue would the squatters bring to the area?? Can't see how bangers would provide anything other than a venue for their criminal activity. You want to squat? Go to Bronco Billy and hand out wit the gangs there, good example for a community hangout!! People can't even feel like Sunnyside is a good and safe place to gather.