Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Block Club Votes In Favor Of Cantina 1910 Sidewalk Cafe

At its special meeting last night to vote on a proposed new 74-seat sidewalk cafe for Cantina 1910, members of the WFCW block club voted in favor of it by a margin of 15 to 4. The original proposal was amended to shorten the hours of operation of the cafe, from midnight to 11pm from Sunday through Thursday. The hours approved by the vote are:
  • Sunday-Thursday 8am-11pm
  • Friday-Saturday 8am-midnight
The ultimate decision about whether or not to approve the cafe is up to Ald. Pawar.

UU Note: Cantina 1910 was recently chosen as one of the best brunch places in Chicago by TimeOut Chicago. Its pastries -- "the huge, chili-spiced cinnamon bun or the crisp churros with roasted- cinnamon sugar" -- were specifically praised.


  1. I'd love to hear the reasons of the 4 "against" votes.

  2. The no votes are mainly because of the noise factor it's going to bring. We lived through the patio at T's for years and it was a nightmare with noise and drunk ppl relieving themselves on our lawns. Maybe people will be more tame being this place is more of a restaurant than T's. We shall see!

  3. Well I guess the police will be called a lot. I work early morning. I go to bed at 8pm. To be up at 5am weekday and or weekend. And Ye I know people will be pissing all over the place again. This corner has had the worst places. First T's now this. Alderman pawar. Better let them no one complaint. And they need to shut it down. Plus. Is has some of the most over priced food. For the little amount they give. Please. I'm Mexican and this place ain't Mexican food. It's a joke

  4. I'll make sure I get the neighbors to sign s petition to sit it down Like we did t's