Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Who Is My Alderman? What Ward Do I Live In?"

Although Uptown is one community, it is divided between three different wards (46, 47, and 48) and represented by three different aldermen (James Cappleman, Ameya Pawar, and Harry Osterman, respectively). The ward boundaries can be confusing and we get a lot of questions asking which alderman should be contacted regarding various issues. Someone recently took issue with a post in which we mentioned that Ald. Pawar represents the building at 4878 North Magnolia, because he mistakenly thought it was in Cappleman's ward.*

If you are unsure what ward a particular address is in, or who your alderman is, you can check in two ways:
With the primary election coming up on March 15th and early voting beginning in February, it will help to know your ward.

* If there remains any doubt that 4878 North Magnolia is in the 47th Ward, Ald. Pawar tweeted on 1/19/2016: "Proud to be work w/@ONENorthside, @SeniorCaucus, & @ChicagosMayor to preserve 50 units of aff.housing in our ward."

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