Friday, January 29, 2016

Two Gang-Related Shootings This Week

From Ald. Osterman's weekly newsletter:
"Shooting on Winona. At around 5am on Thursday, a 37-year-old man was shot at 948 W. Winona St. The victim, who was in his car at the time of the incident and drove himself to the hospital, is recovering from the shooting. Two persons of interest are being questioned by the Chicago Police Department in connection with this incident.

We will have a further update on the shooting next week. If anyone has information about this incident, please contact Area North Detectives at 312-744-5277 or Marko Zaric in my office at"
According to DNAinfo, "The man is a documented gang member, police said."

This shooting came less than 12 hours after another shooting at 4423 North Sheridan, Wednesday evening at 5:45, when a pedestrian was shot in the stomach and taken to Illinois Masonia in critical but stable condition. Shockingly, this man was also a documented gang member. The power of mindless revenge, unregistered guns,  peer pressure, and hurt feelings.

The next meeting for CAPS Beat 1914 (beat where Wednesday's shooting took place) is Wednesday, February 10th, at 7pm, in the Clarendon Park Fieldhouse, Sunnyside and Clarendon.

The next meeting for CAPS Beat 2024 (beat where Thursday's shooting took place) is Thursday, Feburary 18th, at 7pm, in the Margate Park Fieldhouse, Ainslie and Marine.


  1. Sometimes the people are NOT DOCUMENTED GANG MEMBERS. I wonder how long it will be before killing people for sport, adventure begins to take hold. I think this may have already begun. What makes someone a DOCUMENTED GANG MEMBER?

    I have been stopped and harassed, roughed up, accused of being a drug dealer as a white homeowner with no mortgage by the tactical squad who for me are no different than gang members. I have, presumably, at least 2 contact cards made out on me. Does that make me a documented gang member?

    I have about had it here in Uptown with the recent 4 minute gun fight in front of the Aragon. Believe me it's safer in Mexico. I have lived there. It's safer in just about any other part of the world than in the USA.

  2. On Wed. night I was walking south on Sheridan (near Unique) and heard three gunshots fired, it was 5:45PM. Couldn't see anything because the block it happened on, between Agatite and Montrose was and always is dark. Not at all surprised a crime was committed there! I immediately called 911 and reported it. As I walked past, a man was shot and laid on the sidewalk bleeding(across from the barber shop) and was being attended to, by what I assume were acquaintances. I continued walking towards Montrose and waited for the police to arrive. I then heard what sounded like a large plate of glass shatter into a million pieces. Once again, I couldn't see anything, it was too dark. In the meantime, an ambulance and several police cars converged on the scene. I then crossed the street and observed everything from a safer distance as a crowd began to gather from where the shots were fired. As I was standing on the opposite side of the street, a woman walked by me and appeared to be visibly shaken, saying she almost got hit by a plate glass window as she was walking by. Apparently it came from one of the above windows next to the barber shop. She kept on saying she could've gotten killed, which was a very real possibility. She also relayed that she heard someone yelling, Reggie Reggie, Reggie, the person who had been shot. Another bystander said, he's the one that owns the barber shop. That's all I know.

    All I can say is, it's getting really scary in this neighborhood.

  3. Don't worry Cappy will try to convince everyone that Uptown is booming. Of course we haven't heard anything from him, We won't cause he is more concerend with smooching Rahm. He keeps touting how many business are in Uptown. Funny how DNA just did an article on how Wilson is loosing every business.