Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gang Violence Erupts (Again)

Three separate incidents of shots fired in the past few days, all (surprise, surprise) suspected to be gang-related:
  • Shots were fired into the McDonald's dining room on Wilson on Wednesday from a vehicle in the parking lot. No one was injured, luckily. The vehicle that was captured on video was a black SUV.
  • Shot were fired from a vehicle at Magnolia and Leland Thursday evening, and a random shot went into the living room of a reader at that corner. No one was injured, luckily. Reports say that (wait for it) occupants in a black SUV fired the shots.
  • Saturday afternoon, a 66-year-old woman was shot in the leg while she was walking on Wilson immediately east of Broadway. The police confirm she was not the intended victim. She was taken to Weiss Hospital and is in stable condition.
Obviously the gangs are working something out and our community is suffering while they do. Remember, these guys want to claim portions of our neighborhood as their "turf," but don't give a damn about the people who live here or the businesses that operate here. While they are willing to kill each other because a rival has posted a cellphone YouTube video showing "disrespect," they show no respect at all for the community they want to lay claim to.

The police have video and witnesses, and obviously much more information than we are privy to.

As always, be alert. If you see something suspicious, call 9-1-1. Don't question if you should. If you hear what you think are shots fired, if you see something that makes you think trouble is going to happen, CALL. The cops can figure out if something needs an immediate response.

CPD bases its officer response and district assignments on the number of 9-1-1 calls that come in. Be aware, and call if you see something that makes you think something bad is about to happened or has just happened.


  1. This is happening in a well traveled retail place where Target is located. Do you think the corporates will let this continue?
    And where do these gangbangers live? Are they travelling all the way from the south side to the north side? If they live on the north side - evict them!

  2. It's a little north of Target, though Target has its share of problems. I've seen at least two people thrown out of the store by security and there's always at least one bum panhandling in front of the store or over at Aldi.

  3. The CPD Gang teams assigned to target the gang problems in this area have been pulled out and their efforts are now concentrated in the Westside indefinately. The Gang members know this which in turn would account for the spike in gang related crimes.