Saturday, January 16, 2016

Former Magnolia Cafe Space Available For Rent

After last September's burglary, the Magnolia Cafe on Wilson did not reopen. Readers reported that the restaurant/bar looked shuttered and that Groupon had refunded them their money, saying that Magnolia had closed.

Now the restaurant space at 1224 West Wilson is for rent and the bar/restaurant assets are for sale.

You can see the real estate flyer here. If interested, contact the Kudan Group agents representing the property: Juan Carlos Gomez and Jerrod Rosen.


  1. That's a shame because this was an exceptional restaurant, maybe the only good one in Uptown

  2. Did the restaurant reopen elsewhere? It's gotten to the point where the businesses on the northside will look like the ones on the south side. Chained down with guard barriers.

  3. Definitely not the only good one but it was good.

  4. Does anyone know why they didn't reopen after the robbery?


      The poor guy had everything stolen and has given up on the neighborhood.

  5. This sucks, but I heard they were closing before the robbery occurred. I hope something good goes in there.

  6. I think they closed because the quality of food slipped over the years and did not keep pace with the food movement - take a look at the type of restaurants thriving in Wicker Park and Downtown, Magnolia's menu did not evolve and the interior became sad.

  7. Every time I walk by there is a new sign slapped on the front door calling out property inside that most likely fell behind in payments (think dish washer and/or ice maker). AKA the joint probably couldn't pay the bills. I really liked this place and appreciate all the years they put in but the food never changed, was overpriced and all seemed outdated. On top of that, Magnolia Cafe was consistently on Groupon... The "burglary" just sounds like an excuse for "couldn't cover our asses" and it's too bad they shut down in such a poor manor; Using the neighborhood as a scapegoat is lame.