Monday, November 2, 2015

Harold's Chicken Moving, Is Closed On Wilson Avenue

Well, this is a drag. One of our favorite guilty-pleasures restaurants has closed -- temporarily, they say. Harold's Chicken on the corner of Wilson and Clifton has a sign on its door that says:
Dear Customers, I want to thank you for your patronage. Harold's Chicken will be moving to a new location (soon). Check us out on FB (Harold's Chicken). Also new fliers will be around soon!! Hope to see you at the grand opening. All Groupons will be honored. Cordially, Ms. T
We checked the Facebook page and it says, "Our location is changing very soon thank you to everyone for the support I cannot say how much we appreciate it. Thank you thank you thank you and be on the lookout for our new location and hope to see you guys at the grand opening!!!" dated Sunday, November 1.

So, keep an eye on the Facebook page for Harold's #42 and look for the new fliers. If you hear of the new location, be sure to let us know. There are times when only Harold's chicken and hot sauce will satisfy!

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