Monday, November 2, 2015

Lawrence Bridge Claims Another Victim

It's just uncanny. The Lawrence Red Line viaduct laid claim to yet another truck this afternoon. You've gotta feel for the driver and the person whose belongings are inside.  The reader who snapped this says, "I do not know if I would trust this 'most trusted moving' company to move my stuff."


  1. Ouch! This image reminds me of the Penske rental truck I saw outside of a building in my neighborhood as new residents were moving into their new place this past summer. I wished them well for the rest of their move and welcomed them to the neighborhood. Later that day, I saw snapshots of a Penske truck reminiscent of this one on Uptown Update. I assumed it was the same truck caught by the same overpass.

  2. I feel sorry for the viaduct. That poor mass of steel takes a lot of abuse.

  3. i was waiting for the #81 on morning when a guy in a Uhaul did that just a few months ago. I sounded like an m-80 and we all jumped. I felt bad for the guy. It tends to be inexperienced truck drivers who don't realize they aren't going to fit.