Sunday, November 8, 2015

Upcoming Meeting To Discuss Adding Townhouses To Pensacola Place

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As we posted in August, the new owners of Pensacola Place are seeking to add townhouses to the complex. When the property was built in the 1970s, townhouses on the swimming pool deck were planned and laid out, but never constructed.

Now, according to a press release, Waterton Associates would like "to amend the current Planned Development from 1973 for that site to build townhouses where a portion of the current commercial space is on Hazel and make other changes and upgrades."

While this is not a request for a zoning change, aldermanic permission is required for the development of townhouses. On Monday, November 16th, Ald. Cappleman is hosting a meeting for nearby residents to hear about the plans and ask questions. In particular, residents living in the Buena Park Neighbors boundaries (Montrose-Irving Park-Graceland Cemetery-Lake Michigan) and the Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association boundaries (Wilson-Montrose-Sheridan-Lake Michigan) are encouraged to attend.

The meeting will begin at 7pm, and will take place in the community room at Pensacola Place, 4334 North Hazel (east of the World Gym/Jewel part of the property).

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  1. November 17 is a Tuesday, not a Monday... is it on Monday 11/16 or Tuesday 11/17?

    1. It is Monday, November 16. It has been corrected.

  2. Now does this mean if they build the town houses -Jewel's will be gone?

    1. No, the townhomes will be built on top of Jewel.

    2. Does that mean no more pool? I wish I could see a rendering of this.

    3. Go to Google Earth. See the large blank area around the perimeter? Townhomes there, surrounding the pool and tennis court.

  3. Some appropriate(?) links for meeting preparation/zen mediation.

    1. NIMBY Field Guide.

    2. Gentrification whiners.

    3. Talented skunks.

    4. Incomplete list of establishments selling to go liquor near meeting site.
    A. Jewels

    B. Azusa's

    C. Food Town?

    D. Target

  4. Old crones need you to know this:
    1). Lived here before 1980
    2). Have architectural opinions!
    3). Parking, parking, parking!
    4). More Chicago/Uptown/Buena than you!