Thursday, November 19, 2015

Renderings Released Of Pensacola Place Proposal

Brininstool + Lynch (h/t to Curbed Chicago)
Curbed Chicago has a complete rundown of the plans to build townhomes on top of the Jewel and World Gym at Broadway and Montrose and update the exterior of the development. The proposal goes before the Chicago Plan Commission today and if approved, construction could begin as early as next spring. Read more at Curbed...

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  1. Personality #1: "I like it".

    Personality #2: "I love it".

    The rendering does make the windows on the Montrose side look like the Federal MCC(jail) downtown. Given their large size per the architect I suspect they will look better in reality.

    Between this and what will likely happen at Maryville in the near future that stretch of Montrose will be looking better. Perhaps it's time for a new nickname. Something pretentious. Hmmm.

    "Boul Mont ROSE" which I just typed in a pretentious French accent.

    "It's very nice".

    I refuse to hyperlink because my keypad is set to "pretentious French Pythonesque" response.

    It's nice to see some serious francs being spent adding housing to Uptown and "Boul Mont ROSE" in particular.

    I'll be happy to see the vacant Maryville buildings disappear into the dustbin of history. Mid-Century brutalist isn't a style.. it's a disease.........and zee wrecking ball is zee cure! I wish the Maryville portion of "Le Boul Mont ROSE" was denser, but since I don't see a bottle with a genie around wishing ain't gonna change anything.

    Vive La Boul Mont ROSE!

    Between these developments and zee Wilson Station Renovation zee Capplemaniac is going to be like General LeClerc entering Paris in 1944. Vive La Uptown!