Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Flashback '42 - Uptown Honors Veterans

In November 1942, a civilian defense group in Uptown held a flag dedication and put up a plaque honoring those from the community who were serving in the war.  The ceremony took place at the southwest corner of Sunnyside and Sheridan.  Freelance photographer Jack Delano was there to document it (photos from Library of Congress).

Photos became blurry when they were compressed to our column width -- click on them to see clearer, larger versions.

In this photo, residents gather around the new flagpole being dedicated and the plaque listing the names of those in the service. It was taken looking north on Sheridan from Sunnyside. You can see the homes on the east side of the street, all gone today (strip malls are there now). In the distance, you can see the building at 4541 North Sheridan (Emerald Towers) and behind it, the Sheridan Plaza. 4526 North Sheridan was at that point also a hotel (not sure of the name at that time -- it was at various times the Alden Hotel and Huntington Hotel). You can see the sign for it behind the lady with the hat that looks like pointy dog ears.
The names of residents serving in the war.  They are all from the area surrounded by Sunnyside, Montrose, Sheridan and Broadway. This was taken looking west on Sunnyside. If you looked that way today, you'd see Aldi in the area behind the tree branches.
Looking west on Sunnyside from Sheridan. Remarkably, the buildings in the photo on both sides of the street at Sheridan and Sunnyside are still there. The flagpole and plaque are long gone.
The same view today.

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