Friday, November 13, 2015

Developing Story: Mother of Murdered Baby Identified, In Custody (Updated 3x)

A 19-year-old woman living at 850 West Eastwood has reportedly confessed to severely beating her newborn daughter and leaving the infant outside in front of the building Wednesday night.

A commenter on UU's Facebook page wrote:  "She turned herself in the next day. Very scared, confused, depressed girl. Pray that it doesn't happen again to another girl. I won't pretend to understand what her thoughts were at the time. Perhaps the safe haven law should be part of high school ed."

The Crime In Wrigleyville Twitter feed says,
  • "Source: 19-year-old charged with beating newborn baby to death in Uptown."
  • "Suspect lived on 8th floor at 850 W.  Eastwood. The baby was found in front of that bldg late Wednesday."
  • "Suspect made "statement" to police and gave detectives consent to search the apartment. They took a mattress from there as evidence."
Update:  The Tribune confirms, although it says no charges have been filed yet.

Update:  DNAinfo says the woman is in custody and being questioned.

Update:  Just when you thought this story couldn't get more tragic, it does.  CBS is reporting that the mother threw the baby out of the 9th floor window, and that the motive for the child's murder was that her family disapproved of the pregnancy because the baby was mixed race. Heartbreaking, absolutely heartbreaking.


  1. My god. Post partum depression? What could cause that to happen? Is 850 W. Eastwood another Hud subsidized building? Seems a lot has been happening up and down Marine Drive at "subsidized" building.

    1. wow what is it with the "subsidized"guess you a condo owner!?!! i guess
      only people that live in the subsidized can have problems like this! or for that matter any problems that go on in uptown! a baby has died. its not about where someone calls home. may god walk with her holding her hand letting her cast her worries on him! & may that little angel rest in heaven.

    2. @Lianna what is wrong with you? A baby died! What are you trying to say about the people who reside in HUD or subsidized residences? Your ignorance and insensitivity to this tragedy is not welcome in Uptown.

  2. I'm not sure if the building is HUD but I live near there and the building is generally pretty normal and subdued. I haven't noticed any chaos or shady characters loitering about. I think there's a child care facility at street level.
    I had a feeling the person/people responsible for this lived in the building. It was just too random otherwise.
    I think this is a wake up call that we can do a lot more to reach out to panicked mothers. I see bus stop billboards from time to time but there's got to be more. Just, so very sad. There's so many families who would have circled the moon to have a chance to raise this child

  3. To add to my last thought, I am thankful the mother came forward. It adds closure to this tragedy and gives the rest of all a jumping off point to try to prevent something like this from happening again.

  4. Regardless of whether the building is subsidized is irrelevant. A life was lost because of indifference. The building's occupants should have no bearing.

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