Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Where Am I Located?

Where in Uptown can you find this carved granite baseball? Bonus points: What is its signficance?


  1. Try something harder next time. (Hey, that's what she said)

    Graceland. Tombstone of the "Father" of the National League.

    Utilizing the deductive skills I honed in my years of trolling the internet and a certain former aldercritter and her minions I have discovered the answer you seek.


    It was obviously a cemetery. Only two cemeteries in Uptown. Larger and more expensive one is Graceland. Enter search terms into google and voila.
    Fitting post leading up to the festivities taking place in Pittsburgh in about 18 hours or so.

    If the Cubs win the Wild Card game.......hold on to your booty because itzagonnabeawildride. Hey Hey Holy Mackerel..........

    1. You are correct, sir. We've been hanging onto this one for many (many many many) moons, waiting for a Cubs-related event to celebrate. We finally have one.

      One of the best things about this location is that you can hear the cheers from Wrigley Field at Graceland. A fitting resting place for the founder of the National League.

  2. More info:

  3. I know that when I hear helicopters in or around Uptown I normally think a shooting has occurred or Littleton is twerking. Tonight it means the Cubs are on their way to the National League Division series against the Cardinals. 9th inning Cubs up by 4.

    Littleton may also be twerking, but that's secondary to to the Cubs "W".