Monday, October 12, 2015

Parking Restrictions On Clark Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

You may have heard a little something about a couple of baseball games that will be played just south of Uptown on Monday and Tuesday. Start times are 5pm on Monday and 3:30pm on Tuesday. While there are no parking restrictions in Uptown, they will be in effect immediately south of Irving Park, so if you park there or use it as a route around game time, this may affect you.

According to Ald. Tunney's newsletter,
  • Clark will have 24-hour parking restrictions on both sides of the street south of Irving Park. "Parking restrictions are active for 24 hours from the posted start time."
  • He doesn't mention Irving Park as having parking restrictions, as he did for the four concerts at Wrigley Field in August and September, but he does say that it will be a limo and car service staging area, so be very careful parking on Irving between Clark and Seminary; look out for signs.
  • Tuesday is a potential series victory game, so don't be surprised if Clark is completely closed to traffic south of Irving Park, including CTA and PACE buses.  "Please have Photo ID and Proof of Residence available for presentation to either CPD or TMA Personnel."
The entire newsletter is here, including phone numbers for the aldermanic office and Cubs' offices.


  1. Turn up your speakers ladies and germs because the Cleaning Ladys smash hit is about to hit the charts again.

    Personally being more of a traditionalist I'm more of a "Hey Hey Holy Mackerel" kinda pirate, but I won't post that song for a few more games.

  2. Ha! I know the great guys in the Cleaning Ladys. Thanks for posting! :)