Saturday, October 10, 2015

1325 W. Wilson In Its Heyday

1325 W. Wilson
The former Norman Hotel at 1325 W. Wilson, has now transformed into FLATS No. 1325 and is home to great businesses like Heritage Outpost and The Public Barber. The building is easily recognizable in this photo sometime after construction in 1928, likely in the 1930s. Looks like a flagpole adorned the more intricate roofline at this time. This is one corner in Sheridan Park that has thankfully avoided the tear-downs that lots of streets in Uptown fell victim to over the years.

photo credit: University of Illinois at Chicago

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  1. Lived at 1325 Wilson for 19 years until it went into receivership, and was eventually bought by flats. Had some *GREAT* unobstructed views to the west from my unit.