Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Thank You, Generous Donors Of School Supplies!

Friends of the 46th Ward Schools want to send a huge thank you to the people who donated so generously to help the kids in the ward's schools start the school year with the supplies they need.

As you probably know, there were drastic changes in how each individual school received funds from CPS and some of the cuts were extremely painful. Additionally, there are many kids attending schools in Uptown who are from households that live in poverty or who are homeless. Thank you to everyone who dug into their pockets and helped make the school year a little easier for them. They may not realize where their crayons, or toilet paper, or backpacks came from, but the community and their teachers know, as do Fot46WS. (And let's face it, kids shouldn't have to worry about where the necessities of their lives will come from. That's for adults to manage.)

A special thank you to everyone who donated paper towels and hand sanitizer after the call went out this weekend. Enough supplies were donated that they took up most of a room at the 46th Ward office, and they will be distributed to the schools this week.

Fot46WS says, "We are in awe & so touched to live in a community with such incredibly generous neighbors!" (We agree.)

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  1. The Walgreens attached to Wiess Hospital (Clarendon and Lawrence) has a bunch of school supplies on major clearance out right now. I had my way with the section but I did manage to leave some deals for anyone else who may want to pick up more donations for the schools.