Friday, September 25, 2015

Slippin' On By On LSD...

If you're going to be taking Lake Shore Drive on Saturday night, make sure you're stone cold sober, belted up, and doing the speed limit. The CPD's DUI Strike Force will be out in force along the Drive from 7pm to 3am, looking for impaired drivers, and can conduct blood alcohol tests on the spot. Flunk and you'll be heading to a lock-up.

As the press release says, "The purpose of this program is to saturate a pre-designated area with roving police officers that continually monitor vehicular traffic for signs of impaired driving. Patrols also place emphasis on speed, alcohol-related and safety belt violations. Police vehicles equipped for speed detection are deployed to apprehend speeding violators."

Lake Shore Drive's speed limit on the North Side is 40mph.

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