Tuesday, September 29, 2015

FelFel Grill Opens On Broadway Across From Wilson Yard

FelFel Grill at 4429 N. Broadway

If you have been longing for a new spot to get your fix of delicious Mediterranean food since the closure of Alma Pita and Tik Tok Falafel, you might be in luck.
"FelFel Grill" is now open at 4429 N. Broadway, just across the street from Wilson Yard. The business has been in operation for a while now solely as catering, but the owner decided to switch the concept to catering and dine-in. We stopped by recently and tried the falafel and a chicken shawarma. Both were delicious and as you can see by the price list below, very reasonable. FelFel is open 11:30am-9pm Monday through Saturday. Welcome to the neighborhood!
The full menu at FelFel Grill

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  1. It wasn't open today at 8pm. Windows all blocked out!