Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Double Murder On Winthrop Overnight

We don't have a lot of information, but the papers are reporting that two men were murdered this morning at around 2:15 on the 5000 block on Winthrop.  Readers say that there is yellow police tape around the parking lot north of Argyle on Winthrop.

According to the Sun-Times, the two victims were 32 and 34.  One died at the scene and the other was taken to Illinois Masonic, where he passed.  Both were shot multiple times and the Sun-Times says that they both had documented gang ties.

The Winthrop/Kenmore area around Argyle has been a hot spot for the past five weeks or so.  On July 30, a man was shot in the arm on the 5000 block of Kenmore after a physical fight escalated.  He was driven to the hospital by friends, including the mother of a notorious gangbanger who is now incarcerated.  On August 2, that woman was shot twice in the stomach in the same block in what police think was a drug deal gone bad.  On August 7, a man was grazed by a gunshot in a parking dispute in the alley behind the 4900 block of Kenmore.

At that time, Ald. Osterman said, "There has been an increased police presence in the Argyle corridor since August 1 with a renewed effort to improve public safety in the area. As a result of this most recent incident, the presence was increased with hourly foot patrols by uniformed officers and directed missions by tactical personnel. There is also a beat car assigned at Argyle/Kenmore for added presence. The investigation in this area continues in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department’s Organized Crime Division."  Readers confirm seeing police in the area yesterday.

This area has been quiet for a long time, and the sudden flurry of shootings lead us to believe there's another senseless gang skirmish happening.  Two murders in one night will certainly escalate things if that's the case.  We urge you to please call 9-1-1 if you see what you think might be turning into anything violent.  The police are there already, and they will respond quickly to any incidents.  Please keep aware and alert.

We'll update with any new information.


  1. There have definitely been police in the area, pretty much constantly from what I have seen. I love this neighborhood and I will fight to get rid of these gangs- this is a mostly family-friendly place, and we have no place for shootings!

  2. Right now the whole 5000 block of N. Winthrop is flooded with gang bangers hanging out, openly drinking and smoking spliffs, mostly wearing red. Can't the police run these guys off?

  3. Call your local police station and talk to the tact unit

  4. This happened on Kenmore earlier this summer after one of them was killed. The activity, number of people and hyped-up energy made me the most afraid I've been in 18 years here. Call your alderman (Osterman). I'm on the other side of Argyle (Cappleman) and he personally came out with the police commander and stood there, for hours. Every time the gang members came back, so did he.
    They will have a "memorial" and the police need to be there for the duration. Then they will remove it and things will quiet down. But call and call and call and call. I you're concerned, make sure your elected official is too.