Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lawrence House Scaffolding Comes Down - Dare We Hope Permanently?

Lawrence House wasn't close to equaling the Sheridan Plaza's five-year run as "Our Lady of Perpetual Scaffolding," but since 2011, neighbors have seen the scaffolding go up, come down, get blown away, be ordered replaced by judicial order -- lather, rinse, repeat. At first it was to ordered up due to a crumbling and neglected exterior, then it went up again as the building started to be rehabbed.

We hope we never see it again. Because (drum roll), as of the weekend, the sidewalks are open and the scaffolding has been removed. It's been a good long while since pedestrians have been able to walk on the north side of Lawrence.

With Lawrence House scheduled to be open again to tenants in about a year, we hope the structural problems and Housing Court days are permanently in the rear view mirror.

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  1. Does anyone know whether the missing terra cotta detailing (for instance, parts of the horizontal band between the 2nd and 3rd floors), will ultimately be replaced? Will the renovation be that complete? My question also applies to the details along the roofline.