Monday, August 3, 2015

Good Awning, Uptown!

Lawrence House Pharmacy, at its new 4750 North Sheridan location, got its awnings installed last week, certainly a better look than the blackened windows that greeted passersby at that corner for years.  Not only does it make the corner look more welcoming, it also helps people know that there's a business there.

The new corner entrance and the new windows were partially paid for by SSA#34 at the request of the ICA GreenRise building.  If you have a business in the SSA area, you can apply for a Curb Appeal Grant here.  Last we heard, funds are still available.


  1. Looks great! I would be more inclined to transfer my prescription to Lawrence House pharmacy if the owners would work to beautify that corner more. Just in case they're reading!

    1. Talk to the folks who own ICA Greenrise. The Pharmacy is but one tenant in their very large building, which takes up a quarter of the block there. Here's their contact info: