Monday, August 3, 2015

Ald. Osterman Talks About Two Recent Shootings On Kenmore (Updated)

Ald. Osterman sent out a community update this afternoon regarding the two shootings near Argyle/Kenmore last week:

"Last Friday, around 4:00am on the 5000 Block of Kenmore, a 21 year old male sustained a gunshot wound to the arm. An initial physical altercation between two individuals escalated which led to the shooting.

Saturday evening, around 9:00pm, a second shooting incident occurred on the same block. A 48 year old woman was shot twice in the stomach. Chicago Police believe this incident was drug related between two individuals who are familiar with each other.

We believe both of these incidents to be gang related.

I have spoken with the 20th District Commander regarding these incidents. Chicago Police have stepped up patrols in the area and we will be working towards securing the area even further going forward. The Police are investigating both of the incidents and are asking for anyone that has any information to please report it to Area North Detectives at 312-744-5277, or Marko Zaric at my office at or 773-784-5722.

I ask for your increased awareness regarding potential gang activity. If you see any suspicious activity, people or vehicles in your area, please call 911 to report it.

Tomorrow is National Night Out. I will be at Buttercup Park, located at 4901 N Sheridan Rd, with Commander Cornelia Lott from the 20th district to address these incidents and other safety issues in the area at 7:00pm.

Another tool at our disposal is the Text2Tip Program, which allows you to communicate information to the police anonymously:
  1. Create a new text message or SMS text on your cellular phone.
  2. Enter the number 274637 (CRIMES) in the “TO” line.
  3. In the message box, type the word CPD, a space, and then your crime tip information.
  4. Hit “send” to send the text message"

Update:  DNAinfo has some interesting facts from the 20th District Commander.  "Foster District Cmdr. Cornelia Lott told neighbors Tuesday night that the shooting at 4:20 a.m. Friday that left a man wounded and Saturday night's shooting of a 48-year-old woman were connected.

Two women drove Friday's victim to the hospital after he was shot while standing with them in the 5000 block of North Kenmore Avenue. One of those women was shot Saturday night on the same block. That woman is the highest ranking female member of the gang, she said.

Her son was one of 21 people arrested in "Operation Tangled Web," an investigation that involved wire-tapping and charged members of The Black P-Stones with $2.5 million in drug-trafficking, she said."


  1. Gangs are in the neighborhood. HOw they infiltrate uptown and edgewater, nobody seems to know. Do they rent apartments that don't check their credit references? Maybe. Do they move in with family? Maybe. But they're here get used to it.

    1. Lianna, as you wrote, we *DO* seem to know how the gangs got into the neighborhoods--and they've been here a good long while. But we don't have to "get used to it". YOU might be quite happy and content to have them conducting business next door to you and to be dodging their crossfire, but the rest of us don't have to be. As a matter of fact, the rest of us can do everything we can by all possible legal means to make the gangs' lives as miserable as they have made ours over the years, to the point where, as our dear (HA!!) retired alderman used to say, if they don't like living here, MOVE. We've got skin in the game. We have reason to make our neighborhoods better and safer. And if you don't like the program, give your one-month notice and find a place in a neighborhood that will be more friendly to your gang buddies--the gunfire can keep being your lullaby there.

  2. Can you make a post about this night out thing tomorrow (8/4)

    1. We already did. Here and here, two different events. Both are also posted in the events calendar and on our FB page.

  3. Interesting how a 48 year old woman is involved in a gang. I did not realize so many middle age women were gangbangers in Chicago. Amazing how every incident in the area is always 'gang related'.

    1. This very thing used to be mindboggling to me as well. That for every and I do mean EVERY shooting, it is labeled as "Gang Related".. It feeds the agenda of the writer to help further create division among individuals and take away compassion for innocent lives. Ive seen stories where Infants were even wrote up to be part of gang activity. Until there is serious dialogue about profiling this will never change.

  4. The problem is this area has a large amount of people who loiter. They hang out all day, drink beer, and buy drugs. Gangs are here because a drug market is here. The police need to crack down on the low level crimes. It worked in New York City. Many years ago Chicago had a Vagrancy Law that was enforced except for the old Madison skid row.

  5. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

    Anyone who supports gangs or says to 'get used to it' is part of the problem. Anyone aiding and abetting these criminals by either allowing them to sleep in their home, or feed them is aiding a criminal.

    Uptown has too many section 8 housing units that support gang activity-they are breaking the law and need to be evicted immediately. They are part of the problem.