Monday, July 13, 2015

What To Do If You See Gang Tagging

A reader posted this photo to UU's Facebook page. Graffiti Blasters arrived first thing
Monday morning to eradicate the gang graffiti that appeared over the weekend.

We got a note from someone affiliated with the police department who asked to remain anonymous, since CPD can't post "officially" on social media.  He says,

"Several people have been posting pictures of gang-related graffiti* on various social media sites. This is exactly what you should NOT do.  You are promoting and encouraging the gang.  By disseminating their gang tags on social media you are giving them free advertising, which is exactly what they want. They are "representing" by their gang tags.  You have done them a huge favor by spreading their message to a much wider audience.

What you should do if you see gang tagging:
  • Call 311 immediately and report it as gang-related graffiti.  [UU Note: Be sure to mention it's gang-related, or profane, whichever is applicable. That puts it at the top of the list to be removed.]
  • If you want, take pictures but forward them to your respective police department.**
  • Do not share on social media, anywhere, any time."
* Not sure if it's gang tagging or "regular" graffiti? Gang tags usually have some combination of stars, pyramids, crowns, pitchforks, numbers, and initials. It's not done for art's sake, it's like a dog lifting its leg and leaving a mark. Here's an article on how to tell the difference.

** If you're in the 19th District (south of Lawrence), email the CAPS office your photos at  If you're in the 20th District (north of Lawrence), email the CAPS office your photos at  This helps the police know what gangs are active and marking their turf, and probably taunting other gangs by doing so.

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