Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Love Over Money Performance At Buttercup Park Saturday

You must go and get ready to meet The Queen of Luxuria, she requests your presence. She will be holding court at Buttercup Park (4901 N Sheridan Rd,) this Saturday, July 18, from 2-4pm. She comes bearing amazing gifts.

This performance is part of a trilogy first presented at the Bridgeview Bank in 2013, and then later at Buttercup Park in 2014. Did you come to the bank performance in 2013? Bring your check and cash it in for a beautiful sculpture by The Queen of Luxuria. Did you write your dream on one of the performer's bodies in 2014? Your dreams made this happen!

Nora Sharp and Jessica Kearney will be performing with The Queen of Luxuria.

This event is supported by the Buttercup Park Advisory Council and is curated by Eden Ünlüata

You can follow this event through these hashtags: #LoveOverMoney #TheQueenOfLuxuria #BpacUptown

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