Friday, July 10, 2015

Enjoying The Argyle Night Market

Yesterday evening the first Argyle Night Market of 2015 kicked off. The weather was perfect, the crowds were affable, and there were plenty of vendors, foods, and activities. The Night Market runs each Thursday, 5pm to 9pm, through August 27th. Come on out to Sheridan and Argyle on Thursday and find something to tickle your fancy.

Harmon-E's doo-wop medleys inspired more than a few people to dance in the street

Missio Dei sponsored the Activities Booth, with face painting, coloring, and more

Harmon-E's music provided a beautiful backdrop for Market activities

Chicago tradition, beginner-style

This vendor's scarves were eye-catching. She also had jewelry for sale

CMAA sponsored the PlayStreet at Winthrop & Argyle that began at 4:30pm

Produce fresh from the community garden at Ainslie and Winthrop.
Literally picked an hour before the market began.
At just a buck a bunch, it was the find of the day


  1. If anyone went to this market, can you tell me how large (small) was the crowd? We're thinking of renting a space, but need to have some idea of how large the crowd was. I will be visiting them next week. Thanks.

    1. According to Alderman Osterman, there were 2500 people on Opening Night. It was crowded, but not a cattle car. Some booths had no lines, some that served hot food had lines.