Sunday, July 26, 2015

Art Gallery With A Difference Opens In Uptown

Lawrence & Clark owner Jason Pickleman with a new piece by artist Ronny Hunger,
acquired just this past week specifically for the large wall in the gallery
Some of the pieces on display
It's not your usual art gallery.  For one thing, it's in a storefront next to a $5 haircut shop, and the most recent tenant there was a convenience store.  For another, there's nothing for sale and no admission fee.  It exists solely as a way for the owner to display his art collection, to share what he loves with the world.

Welcome to Lawrence & Clark gallery, which just opened two weeks ago. As befits its micro size, it has micro hours, open 1pm to 5pm on Saturdays, and also by appointment.

Owner Jason Pickleman, a resident of Lakeview, loves art and has invested in works by many artists, some of them very early in their careers. He decided to open the gallery as a way to spread the enjoyment he gets from his collection. When asked what he gets out of opening a gallery with no obvious profit motive, he simply says, "I have a good day job. This is my passion."

The works are from his private collection, except for a few that Mr. Pickleman created himself, and the media used in the pieces range from household items to neon to oils on canvas. The exhibits will change frequently, so what you see this week may not be there next week.

Next time you're in the area of 4755 Clark on a Saturday afternoon, poke your head in and say hello. Enjoy the art. That's what it's there for.

More about the gallery:

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