Sunday, June 21, 2015

What Happened To The Retail Component?

Construction has begun at 4027 Broadway, in the footprint of the former vintage building that housed Ace Furniture. After community discussion in 2014 with the residents of Buena Park, it got the go-ahead for 20 residential units (one-bedroom to four-bedroom).  According to the building permit, it will have enclosed parking, and a community room on the first floor. However, there is no retail included in the building, which contradicts what the developer told Buena Park Neighbors last July. You can see renderings of what the building will look like at Curbed Chicago.

Update: This building was at one point a retail powerhouse.  In this undated photo, it was home to N. Rosenstein's Uptown Delicatessen, Chicago Sea Food Market (for rent at the time), and Broadway Hand Laundry.  The terra cotta was lovely.  We sure hope it got preserved when the building came down.

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  1. We have plenty of vacant retail in Uptown and other nearby hoods. We don't need to add to the vacancy rate. What we need more of is market rate housing units.

    This provides that. If you build it they may not come. If they live in the hood and you build it they may come. Housing then retail. With the exception of the west loop where restaurants fueled the housing growth you almost always get housing growth before retail/restaurant/entertainment growth.

    There some other parcels on Broadway near there ripe for housing development. You gotta start somewhere.

    1. i agree. i lived in this area for a few years and that stretch of broadway from irving park to sheridan/montrose is better off as more residential.