Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Banner Day!

A new Uptown banner gracing a not-so beautiful light pole on Lawrence
The new Uptown banners designed by artist Judith Mayer are starting to pop up around the neighborhood.
Mayer shares her inspiration for the banners that will eventually replace the current "Uptown Proud" banners you see:

"The Uptown banner design has Deco-inspired, geometric hand-lettering, alongside a composition of musical instruments, and peeking through is a criss-cross brick pattern-an architectural detail found on the Aragon and Uptown Theater buildings. All of the elements reflect the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, a designated music & entertainment district with strong roots in the prohibition era."

Our thanks to Uptown United and all of the local businesses that are sponsoring these beautifully designed additions to our streetscape! 

A better view of the banners that are sponsored by local businesses

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