Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hosta Situation

Exciting night for the cops and neighbors in Sheridan Park Tuesday.  Residents on 4600 block of Magnolia were surprised around 10pm to see police carrying flashlights going through their yards and looking under their flower beds and hosta plants.  Not surprisingly, the officers wouldn't disclose what they were investigating.  Readers who listen to the police scanners told us they heard reports of a man hiding behind the Starbucks, who took off and was taken into custody a few houses north of Starbucks. Use your best guess as to what the police were looking for.

While the officers were searching and apprehending on Magnolia, multiple calls to 911 came in at 10:35pm saying shots had been fired.  Readers reported them anywhere between Montrose and Malden to Dover and Sunnyside. As far as we know, there were no reports of bodily or property damage.

A few take-aways:
  • There's an increased police presence in Uptown right now in light of the recent gang hostilities toward each other.
  • Call 911 whenever you hear something; don't rely on your neighbors. Even if you don't know the exact location to report, give the police your location. Tonight's reports of where shots were fired varied, so the more calls the police get, the better they can pinpoint the location
  • If you don't hear sirens or see lights, don't assume the police aren't there. They don't want to give away their location or distance to the bad guys
  • Keep calling 911 when you hear or see anything suspicious. When it comes to police coverage, the City looks at how many calls are received and uses that information in determining where officers are deployed.


  1. Time to bring in the drones.

  2. The police told me they were looking for a gun. I did not here any shots but the police radio was going crazy,

  3. My train dumped me off at Wilson last night (ran express from there). There were scumbags hanging out in the lobby of the station smoking blunts. On my way west on Leland I saw two or three more scum bags loitering on Leland between Racine and Beacon looking shifty eyed. Why doesn't the CTA insist on not allowing people to loiter and smoke in the ground level of the Wilson CTA lobby? You give them an inch and they'll take the whole neighborhood....

  4. Two gold casings found in front of the CPC this mornings