Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Want Art & Community Together? Thursday Night, At The Lawrence Red Line

The Chicago Home Theater Festival, which takes place all over Chicago during the month of May, is coming to Uptown Thursday night.  The Festival says, "CHTF builds intentional community across lines of difference by inviting strangers to share an intimate meal, experience transformative art, and engage in courageous dialogue in the heart of our city - our homes and our neighborhoods."

The evening will be hosted by Joshua Kent. Participants will meet at the Lawrence Red Line at 6:30pm to begin their evening.  Featured artists include MKoobz, Matthew Nicholas, Room 916, J’Sun Howard, and Joshua Kent.  You can purchase tickets here, on a sliding scale from $10 - $60, depending on your annual income.

You can read more about the Chicago Home Theater Festival on its website, here.

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