Thursday, May 7, 2015

Andersonville Wine Walk To Take Place May 17th

Oh, it's a toddlin' town, and a tipplin' one too. Do your part to keep spirits high during the Andersonville Wine Walk on Sunday, May 17th, an afternoon that turns Andersonville retail shops into wine tasting pit stops.  If you take the "southern route," which includes many destinations in the Uptown part of Andersonville*, you can stop and refill your glass at locations including:
  • 5140 Shop by Bret Taylor Design (5140 N Clark)
  • Akira (5228 N Clark)
  • Andersonville Antiques (5245 N Clark)
  • Athletico South (5033 N Clark)
  • baan home (5053 N Clark)
  • Early to Bed (5044 N Clark)
  • FOURSIDED (5061 N Clark)
  • The Guesthouse Hotel (4872 N Clark)
  • Jameson Loves Danger (5208 N Clark)
  • Milk Handmade (5137 N Clark)
  • Notice (5028 N Clark)
The northern route will take you through the Edgewater part of Andersonville - your choice. Tickets usually sell out well in advance, so if you're interested, register now.  It's $35 per person, which gets you a total of 33 different wines to sample (three at each of 11 destinations), and a souvenir glass to take home.  You can find out more information and register here.

* Now, for those who think Uptown and Andersonville are different neighborhoods. You're wrong. And you're right. Here's the deal: Uptown and Edgewater are officially designated community areas, two of 77 in the city. Uptown and Edgewater are divided by Foster Avenue (5200 North). That's a very clear designation. Andersonville is an unofficial neighborhood. It straddles parts of Uptown and Edgewater, with Clark as the centerline. So, for example, the Bongo Room, which is at 5022 North Clark, is in Andersonville and Uptown (south of Foster). The Swedish Bakery, located at 5348 North Clark, is in Andersonville and Edgewater (north of Foster).  Check out the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce's website for a map of what it considers Andersonville's borders to be.

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