Friday, May 22, 2015

Four More Years, According To Ald. Cappleman

In his weekly newsletter, Ald. Cappleman outlined his vision for the next four years in the 46th

"Last Monday, I was honored to be sworn in for a second term as your alderman. Think back about what the 46th Ward was like 4 years ago. The next 4 years will bring more positive changes to the ward as I build on the work that we've already started.

Expect to see the following in the near future:
  • We will have a completed Wilson L Station, along with a large retail space that will cover the entire Gerber Building. The goal is to have an indoor farmer's market for that space.  
  • We will get a new streetscape along Broadway from Gunnison to Wilson, including an outdoor plaza in front of the Riviera. Work will start early next year.
  • Work will have started on the rehab of the Clarendon Park Community Center and the former Maryville site.
  • New retail at the Dearborn Grocers site on Montrose.
  • Rehab of the retail spaces along the east side of the 3800 block of N. Broadway will be underway.
  • We can expect more transit-oriented developments near our L stations.

Earlier this week, I was appointed vice-chair of the City Council Zoning Committee, which means I will be working closely with Ald. Solis, the Zoning chair on all City zoning matters. We are experiencing a building boom in parts of Chicago so zoning is especially important now. In City Council, I will continue to fight for more government efficiency to make sure we are using your tax dollars wisely.

I want to thank all of you for your support and I pledge to make both the 46th Ward and the City of Chicago a greater place to call home. I look forward to serving you for another 4 years."


  1. That's a great list and the improvements over the past four years ARE noticeable...but I noted one glaring omission: the Uptown Theater. Is it safe to assume that we shouldn't expect anything going on there over the next four years?

    1. Bear Bear Bear,

      "Have a little faith baby.......have a little faith."

      "Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?"

      Learn from the Tao of Oddball.

      Change takes time. Thirty years ago I was visiting Ireland and they had just voted down divorce. The county my granny hailed from had the largest "No" vote on divorce.

      Yesterday, the Irish voted overwhelmingly in favor of gay marriage and again that county was on the wrong side of history. Think of S Leitrim/Roscommon as the JPUSA of Ireland standing aside inevitable change and throwing a tantrum that their day is done.

      What you need is a little "Badfinger". "Maybe tomorrow...."

      Think of Cappleman's 2007 campaign as Act 2 in a five act play. Act 1 was the preceding slow grind of Shiller's 24 years. It set the stage for Act 3 which was 2011. Act 4 of course was the inevitable counter revolution and their carpet bagging champion, Amy Crawford, yelling "Lay on MacCapp", who met defeat on the fields of DAMN(Dreaded Area Montrose North), routed in Buena Park, and even pummeled in her Lakeview stonghold.

      We're now in Act 5 we're the action really picks up. Expect more transit orientated development around the Wilson station and hopefully something happening with the Maryville site. It ain't gonna be quick, it ain't gonna be easy, but it is happening. As you put it the change will be "noticeable". Perhaps if Capp runs again in 2019 even the Tribune and the Sun Times, if it exists then, will acknowledge the change. Perhaps not. Their editorial boards aren't exactly free of the myopia of their own conceits.

      Think of the Capplemaniac as the Brigadier General Norman Cota of the Uptown Renaissance. Read the last bit "This is How You Take a House". Notice the last lines:

      (Cota returned to the captain. "You've seen how to take a house," said the general, still out of breath. "Do you understand? Do you know how to do it now?"

      "Yes, sir.”

      "Well, I won't be around to do it for you again," Cota said. "I can't do it for everybody.")

      Change in the 46th Ward is not a one man show. It's hundreds of people making decisions to invest and work for change. The new developments will be important to bring added numbers of people to the ward. Let's call it critical mass for retail and entertainment change.

      Critical mass > critical asses who want to stop change at least in Uptown. The critical asses aren't gone, but they've been defeated and their twerking will inevitably dim as time marches on. 2015 was much more important as a victory than 2011 as the champions of the dystopic Uptown of the past survey the disappearing wreckage of their twisted dreams. Their hope is gone. Their future is as bleak as the "glorious" imaginary past which they so long to return to.

      Gawd, I'm feeling extra pretentious today.

      Turn that frown upside down Bear!

    2. Yes. Considering this is owned by jam and it appears to be a political fight just to get a possible theater, I think it's safe to assume that. In fact, I think it's also safe to say jam bought the theater just to sit on it and prevent competition from renovating. maybe the city can take control of the uptown in the future and give it to someone with a plan to fix it

  2. Such a joke, Keeps talking about what he dreams to do, but hasn't accomplished squat. Crime is through the roof, real estate is terrible, and Cappy stack doesn't want to allow a charter school to come into the area. What business have come to uptown compared to business closing?
    All he cares about is making sure every one is created equal.

    Elected VP of Zoning committee? Guess they needed a puppet to be the yes man

    1. Oh, give it a rest. Crime was condoned when Shiller was alderman--she even had her chief of staff show up at gang incidents to chase away police...and she made it clear that developers and condo buyers were unwelcome, along with doing nothing to encourage businesses. Her policies were exactly what one would expect from the post-communist that she is. Cappleman HAS accomplished a lot of what he set out to do in his first term, but like IP said, it takes time and takes more than one man. The Uptown Theater is owned by JAM, not the City...businesses open, operate, and close based on the owners' skills, resources, and traffic, not the City. I poke and prod about things here, but I'm making calls to 911 and the alderman, I'm active in meetings, spending money in Uptown, and helping to solve problems instead of just grumbling. What are YOU doing to shoulder your part?

    2. Way to live up to your name Crazy! You should change your moniker to Clueless in Uptown because if you cannot see tremendous changes for the better then you have no clue.

  3. Really excited about all of this development. Build it! Thanks for your hard work, Alderman.

  4. Don't get excited about all this development, because none of it has actually happened. It only has been mentioned to give everyone false hope.
    Yes the Uptown CTA has started, but that wasn't due to Cappelman, It had been in the works for awhile so don't be blinded.

    He says Maryville and Dearborn will be developed, but Maryville has been a project for four years and nothing has happened, but don't worry I am still saying in the next four years I will win the lottery.
    If you talk with any LEO, and they are honest they state the crime problem is a lot to do with Cappelman, because he allows for so much low income housing and they feed off that to get new targets.

    I have attended meetings, I have asked the alderman what he is doing about getting more LEO in the area, His response is he doesn't dictate to the Commander where LEO go, When the follow up question You do vote on the budget correct? He stumbles and has no reason why he doesn't push for more funding for LEO. I good fiend of mine is in a specialized unit in CPD, he told me that things are so bad in Uptown right now to stay inside and don't walk anywhere at night. They are preparing for this summer to be terrible and expect a lot of shootings.

    Spending money in Uptown? Where? other than Target where would anyone shop in Uptown? The Jewel Sucks unless your shopping with your link card, the quality of food is terrible compared to Mariano's or other Jewels in the area.
    I personally know an executive of a local Restaurant group who said because of Cappelman, they will not come here to open another location, because he isn't about growth.

    I ask all you lovers of Cappelman, What business has opened in Uptown? What business are preparing to open?

    A charter school wants to open in Uptown but Cappelman doesn't want to allow for this to happen. What he doesn't realize is the people who would attend the charter school aren't going to attend the other crappy high schools. I know several of my neighbors who have said this would possible keep them in Uptown, but they will either elect to attend another school or move.
    What about Decatur moving to Uptown, guess that has gone silent as well.

    Unfortunately we are stuck with Cappelman, but hopefully after these 4 years people will finally realize he has more hot air than a hot air ballon. I truly hope am wrong, but track record stands for itself. He is a puppet and votes which ever he is told.

  5. Build it--yes, the Wilson station will draw more development and it takes time. Sometimes too long for me, but I know it will happen. More has HAS happened for the good than when Helen shiller was in and Alderman Cappleman actually does care about the people here. Can't say the same for shiller and her allies who brought the gangs here in the first place,