Thursday, May 14, 2015

CTA Red/Purple Line Meeting Tonight About Massive Track & Station Rebuild

A reminder that CTA is holding a public open house tonight to talk about its next massive Uptown/Edgewater transit project.

In case you haven't heard -- much will be happening north of Wilson once the $200 million track and station project is finished there in late 2017.  CTA is now looking at the next three years to rebuild the tracks and stations at Lawrence, Argyle, Bryn Mawr and Berwyn. Imagine, actual Uptown and Edgewater stations that are new, clean, and accessible to the handicapped.  Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

The track and stations are nearly 100 years old along this part of the route and CTA says, delicately, it is "at the end of its useful lifespan."  The Red and Purple Lines are the most used in the CTA system, and CTA says that 185,000 new residents are projected to move into the ridership area by 2040.  Read its statement here.

Just like Wilson, because there are federal and state dollars -- and lots of them -- flowing into the project, it's going to be a couple years of meetings, RFPs, bid contracts, public feedback, etc., etc. All the red tape that comes with getting a few hundred million into the CTA's coffers. But CTA projects it can begin in 2017 or 2018, which will lead to new and improved CTA infrastructure in Uptown that will last the lifetimes of our kids and grandkids.

You can read the Tribune article about it here.  A CTA handout explaining the entire project is here.

And show up tonight to the open house to talk to CTA representatives directly.

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