Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Man Shot Monday Morning On Wilson

A man was shot early Monday morning on the 900 block of Wilson, near Uplift High School and Friendly Towers.  Readers reported hearing three loud pops, but thinking they were part of the Wilson L demolition. Unfortunately, a man walking on the street shortly before 4am was hit twice, and was taken to Weiss Hospital in critical condition.  Various media reports list his age as either 24 or 40.

We've been given no further information from readers/tipsters other than what the mainstream media has already reported.  It's unusual, but the lack of witnesses is understandable given the time of the shooting.

There are also several reports from readers over the past few days about hearing shots fired at various locations around Uptown, in both the 48th and 46th Wards, although no victims have been reported.

Seems like the gangs are making up for a cold winter full of grudges. Please use caution, please call 911 if you see anything suspicious, and definitely call if you hear or see any violence.

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