Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Help Available Appealing Property Taxes

We've been hearing from property owners who got their property value assessments from Joe Berrios's office last week.
  • Some are upset that they're overly high ("This has to be some grossly incompetent mistake or intentional fraud because [my value going up by $110K] is absolutely laughable.  They didn’t raise our property taxes so they raised our estimate fair market value.")
  • Some are upset that their property value has dropped ("I wanted to re-fi, but this new value puts me under water.")
Luckily, there is some help available.  You can appeal your tax valuation until May 8th. "Please warn Uptown residents to watch for their love letters from Mr. Berrios.   Many of them won’t even receive them like I didn't for several years.  The tax appeal deadline is May 8, 2015 for Lakeview Township [which includes all of Uptown]."

  • We heard from Commission Bridget Gainer's office.  "From now until May 8, the Cook County Assessor’s Office is accepting property tax assessments appeals for Lakeview Township. Next Monday, April 20 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM – staff from Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer’s office will be available at Alderman James Cappleman’s 46th Ward office (4544 N Broadway) to offer property tax assistance. Homeowners may visit Commissioner Gainer’s staff to for assistance to file an appeal and for answers to their property questions."  If you can't make that date or times, please contact Bridget Gainer's office to see if there are other opportunities.
  • Former Uptown community activist Molly Phelan is a tax lawyer, and posted on UU's Facebook page:  "For property tax appeal assistance, contact me at map@kearneyphelan.com or visit www.kearneyphelan.com."

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