Monday, April 13, 2015

Helen Shiller Withdraws Application As City Council Financial Analyst

(José M. Osorio, Chicago Tribune photo / January 29, 2011)
16 months after she threw her hat in the ring for consideration as Chicago's first City Council independent financial analyst, former 46th Ward alderman Helen Shiller has withdrawn her application.

Not that she thinks she wouldn't be great, mind you.  She does.  But she says she's tired of waiting for a decision, and she's got other things to do.

It came down to a standoff between 47th Ward alderman Ameya Pawar, who didn't want a former alderman in the position, and 34th Ward alderman Carrie Austin, who was determined her former colleague should get the job.

Someone must have blinked, or someone *cough*Rahm*cough* threw some clout around.

In a statement, Ms. Shiller said:
“I felt (and frankly still feel) that I was the most qualified to work with all 50 aldermen on drilling down into this information and providing them the tools to make the tough decisions.

Now, I have moved on to other opportunities that interest me personally. ... Things change, and as time has gone by, my day-to-day priorities have changed. While I remain committed to the establishment of an office that is an effective resource for aldermen, I no longer wish to be considered for this position.”
She still has a lobbying firm and a healthy pension.  She's a smart cookie, we'll give her that, and there are probably many opportunities available for someone with her talents, political passion, and background.

You can read more of her statement in the Sun-Times.


  1. When Ameya Pawar was coming up with this idea oh so long ago he touted Shiller as being someone who might be capable of handling the job. He hadn't met her at that point. Then he met her and apparently there was an interview of some sort.

    I feel bad for him. The horror. To his credit he immediately began working to stop Shiller from getting the job. He pushed for Rahm votes hard in the 47th Ward and brought in just over 10 thousand votes. Now he didn't quite match the pro Rahm percentage as the 46th but in terms of rahm votes over Chuy votes he did extremely well.

    It's better for Rahm to let Shiller be part of the past than the present. Lotsa new council members coming on and the memories of Shiller fade as the years go by. "Memories..........of the way things used to be.........."

    Coming off last week's Capplespanking of the Shilleristas/JPUSA etc this is extra nice. It's like the small mint they give you when they deliver you your meal at Sonic. You just savor it for later. Bon apetit!

  2. I find it suspicious that Shiller withdrew and at the same time, relations with Cuba are thawing. Maybe Saint Helen is trying to line up a gig now as ambassador to Cuba. LOL...she could take the rest of her supporters with her.

    1. Prez Obama naming her ambassador to Cuba is about as likely as me being a model in the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. That being said there is something interestingly amusing about your theory.

      Today Ed Burke wants to loosen the rules for strip clubs. No hyperlink as he supported Shiller for the council watchdog post.

      Then add in Shiller being tied to lobbying for strip clubs earlier and the answer becomes obvious. She intends to lobby for green cards and temporary work permits for Cuban strippers! Taking good paying jobs away from hard working AMERICAN strippers and giving them to Cuban strippers who would likely strip for less money. This is an outrage! Perhaps the Jesus People can get into this business and tie it into their coffeehouse. "Everyone's Strippers"?

  3. Ambassador to Cuba?! Pah! What exactly are her qualifications?

    1. No one said she was actually asking for that appointment--I would say that she is just as qualified as my 11-year old great-niece, but not MORE qualified. But one could also pose the question of what are Shiller's qualifications for financial analyst besides her obvious skills in looting the City in general and the 46th Ward in particular during her time as Dear Chairperson of the Politburo of the Former People's Republic of the 46th Ward?

      I wonder if she's asked Gorbachev to co-author a book with her? She probably thinks that they lived through similar circumstances. But who was her Yeltsin? LOL....

  4. and now for something completely different.

    A moderately funny take on our recent aldermanic election from a marginally sane individual. May the farce be with you!

    The D-2's, campaign finance disclosure, came out yesterday and I wrote it as I was waiting to see how much money was spent on the campaign. More on that later. Quick glance looks like both candidates spent just over 300K apiece if you include what various committees spent on their behalf. That only runs through the last day of March so we won't see later spending until the next disclosures come out on July 15th. I'm making a pouty pander bear face as I type that.