Saturday, April 11, 2015

Have A Tipple At The Guesthouse


  1. "Presented by the Central Lakeview Merchant's Association"? Could it be that we're seeing Uptown turning into a destination from other neighborhoods?

  2. Are there any decent quality hotels in Lakeview? They may feel that encouraging people to shop in Lakeview and use the Guesthouse is a good way to get more business to their neighborhood. Guesthouse is touting their "closeness" to Cubbyland.

    I'm glad you're around Bear. I half thought you were comatose with joy after the gay man v lesbian battle Tuesday night you were half promoting. Although, in fairness to Cappleman a significant number of his staff in his office and in his campaign are lesbians. Proving that though gay men and lesbians may not understand one another, they can in fact get along and work together for the common good.

  3. Well, thank you, IP!! I'm bemused by the concept of a Lakeview group touting an Uptown establishment, notwithstanding the reasoning for it. It just verifies to me that Uptown is indeed turning the corner and starting to leave behind its reputation as the North Side's ugly red-headed step-child.

    In my professional, social, and volunteer circles, I've been friends with and worked with many, MANY lesbians--and I've learned a great deal, sort of like Agatha Christie's Miss Marple (who learned about human nature from living in a village for many years--and she applied her knowledge to her mysteries at hand). Just like any group of people, most lesbians are good folks--but there are a few, like in any group, who don't have others' best interests in heart. You learn, and you have gut feelings. I had gut feelings. I'm not always satisfied with Cappleman's performance, but I also know that he has more than his own best interests in heart. Crawford was a big unknown with no record to inform us what she would do in the best interests of the Ward--and I had a gut feeling, since I've seen her sort of behavior before and know what direction it leads. Hope this revelation doesn't disappoint you, but I'm perfectly happy with non-megalomaniacal other words, those who are willing to work together for the common good.

    We get one more round of aldermanic elections before I leave for the Great Snowy North, IP. Hope to learn more from you before I depart, since I appreciate your understanding of the body politic. Hell, I might have to ask you to consult after I move in four years...more on that at a later date. I'm still firmly an Uptown Chicagoan until then.

  4. Bear,

    I'm glad that there are some lesbians you can get along with. If you want to hire campaign consultants in the future I suggest the Capplelesbians. They're hardworking, disciplined, understand how to run a campaign at the knocking on doors or macro level and know how to have fun and laugh at the same time.

    I'm going to write something later in the week after I Iet the campaign ferment in my twisted mind. Right now I'm trying to live by Lincoln's words of "malice towards none". That will change when I write the piece. I'll be critical of the mistakes made by both campaigns, ain't no such thing as perfection, but mostly I'm going to nail the hardcore idiots who dream of the dystopic Uptown of the past as some shining example of what a neighborhood should be like. I'll also compliment both campaigns on what I think they did right.

    Right now I'm picturing Cappleman as the gopher at the end of "Caddyshack" and the golf course as the Uptown of the past. Capplegopher is sitting half way out of his campaign lair dancing and drinking a Sonic shake as the ruins of the dystopic Uptown of the past smokes from the explosion of the campaign results. I of course play the Rodney Dangerfield character yelling "Hey everyone, we're all gonna get laid!" as the burlesque dancers from the Uptown Underground walk out onto the course and the groundskeepers(Shilleristas et al) skulk off hoping not to be noticed.