Monday, March 9, 2015

Two Days Left To Register To Vote In April

On April 7th, Chicagoans will once again go to the polls to choose a mayor, and residents of 19 wards, including the 46th, will choose an alderman.

If you want to be part of it and you're not a registered voter, you can register today or tomorrow. Ditto for changing your registered name and/or address.  Go here to do it online or to find your other options.

Grace period registration/early voting on-the-spot will take place March 11 through April 4th.  Read more about it here.

Early voting will run March 23 through April 4th.


  1. Turmoil in the Crawford campaign!

    Former Campaign Manager Walks the Plank!


    Aldertrack is a news organization specializing in Chicago politics. They send out daily emails for free. Later they are moving to a pay to read model.

    Direct from Aldertrack:

    "Amy Crawford (46) has a new name at the top of her campaign: Adam Didech, a former Vice President of DePaul College Democrats who has campaigned and consulted for State Rep. Ann Williams, Beto Montano, Chicago Treasurer Kurt Summers, and the Adlai Stevenson School Board. Didech has been working with Crawford since January and is replacing former campaign manager Martin McAlpin’s role, who has moved on. The Crawford campaign is working to consolidate support from Denice Davis’ supporters, and is planning to send mailers, release endorsements, and launch fundraising efforts this week, Didech says. Crawford isn’t planning to endorse in the mayoral campaign, Didech tells Aldertrack."

    I did a google search on Adam Didech. Seems to be a local Chicago area guy who went to Depaul and is involved in campaigns. Found one interesting thing which I will bring up in a later post. Amy worked the Depaul democrats hard to find volunteers. It's not like she could successfully mine the 46th Ward for volunteers since she was virtually unknown prior to announcing. Got to go to the local colleges and find the political geeks who love to get involved in such things.

    Note to the Crawford campaign: You are familiar with a google search right? I kid. I'm sure after being burned on answering the same questions differently on various questionnaires you are. Didn't you realize people would compare the answers? We Uptown political geeks are like that.

  2. Now in my effort to find dirt to sully the Crawford campaign during my Adam Didech google search I found three suspicious "likes" on his Facebook page. His first three likes were Rahm, Biden, and the President Obama in that order. Hmmmm. Also lots of democratic party links. He does seem to be a young guy who is certainly a democrat. Which is better than a young guy who is a Republican.

    Adam recently seemed to delete his twitter account. That got me curious. So I did a "deep" google search involving gophers and seances and whathaveu and I found that many of his tweets were sports related. Many, not all.

    Is that a hint of what's to come or am I bluffing? Have you ever known me to bluff dear UU readers? I'm bluffing. His tweets seemed harmless. Or so I would say wouldn't I?

    Perhaps I should answer that question in two conflicting ways. That's what Amy would do. That should be our tagline: WWAD What Would Amy Do

    Or it could be WWA What Would Amy Say

    Or if you walk past her on the street or see her somewhere you could just put your fist to your mouth and cough the following: Bullshit. Bullshit.

    That's my tagline for Campaign Say Anything: BULLSHIT

    1. But wait, IP...has anyone actually SEEN her out walking along any Uptown street?

    2. Crawford has been walking Uptown streets canvassing for votes since December. I've had actual reports of this from people I trust. Now she likely had to use a map or GPS app on her phone to find her way around, but she has been around--since December.

      If she loses next month I suspect these next few weeks will be the last time when anyone sees her walking the ward. Perhaps if elected she will have a group of JPUSA'ers carry her around the ward on a platform. Their hated of Cappleman is so much that they might even change their name to "The Amy People".

  3. Borrowing from the Sun Times article...

    [Amy]“I think it’s important not to conflate gang activity and gang violence with affordable housing or low-income people,”

    [Me]Well Amy there is a concrete open and direct connection with gang crime and murder to the CHA properties in Uptown.

    What is your plan to break this relationship?

    [Amy]“There can be a relationship between those issues, but obviously there’s nuance there."


    1. Thank you, Sid! I have never seen nor heard of ANY gang activity in Uptown that isn't centered in CHA or Section 8 housing. They don't buy condos, and they don't pay market-rate rent. There's no "nuance" there at all, is there?

    2. Gang activity not tied to CHA or Section 8 housing does exist in Uptown. Adidas Boys Latin gang that hangs out at Cuyler and Broadway is an example. Those two rundown buildings there house some of them. I've been here nigh on 30 years and I don't think those buildings have been renovated at all in that time. There used to be hundreds of buildings in Uptown like that. Now there are less than a bakers dozen left.

      Uptown used to have lots of non CHA/Section 8 gangbangers. Now most of the buildings they lived in are condos on Malden/Magnolia etc. Those gangs were mostly of the white Almighty Gaylord or affilated variety. Largely appalachians who either died or moved out of Uptown or are spending decades behind bars.

      Perhaps we can try to get them back quickly to add to the Amy Crawford blast from the past coalition.

  4. Make sure you read the whole thing because I obviously didnt have that conversation with her...

    But I am pretty certain thats the way it would go.