Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back to the Future? Kaplan, Davis Backing Crawford for Alderman

Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here!  46th Ward aldermanic candidate Amy Crawford has said she represents "Uptown's Future", but a recently released email to her new "team" looks a lot like a return to Uptown's Past.  Some of Helen Shiller’s most fervent supporters have joined forces with Amy Crawford's campaign in her runoff challenge to James Cappleman.

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Denice Davis’s former campaign manager, Cortez Duquette, posted on UU’s Facebook page earlier this week an email from Amy Crawford’s new campaign manager, Adam Didech, outlining election strategy and soliciting input into Crawford campaign literature.  “Thanks for all your work on this – we’re excited about having you on the team!”

Who’s involved in the Crawford “team”?
  • There’s Marc Kaplan, formerly of COURAJ, CopWatch, North Side Action for Justice, and various other acronym organizations.  He says you’re destroying families, lives and community when you buy a condo in Uptown.  After running for alderman himself four years ago with Brendan Shiller as his campaign manager, he then backed Molly Phelan in her unsuccessful bid against Cappleman in the 2011 runoff. He supported Denice Davis until February 24th, but now is part of Team Crawford.
  • There’s D’Angelo Boyland, a tenant organizer for Voice of the People, affordable housing providers who’ve received multiple millions of dollars from the Wilson Yard TIF, put in place by Helen Shiller during her term as alderman of the 46th Ward.  (That’s one of five Uptown TIFs she's responsible for creating.)  Voice of the People, a non-profit tax-exempt organization that can’t be involved in politics, received millions of dollars to restore its dilapidated properties in the Sheridan Park and Clarendon Park areas, money that was and is still being funneled away from police, schools and other city services by the TIF.  TIFs have been very, very good to VotP.  Remember that when you see campaign literature urging TIF reform. You'll also see D'Angelo's name on the newly created "POP46" organization that endorsed both Crawford and Davis.
  • There’s Karen Zaccor, whose friendship with the Shillers goes back 25 years. She’s the former president of Justice Graphics, HQ’d in Shiller’s former aldermanic office on Montrose, and one of three teachers hand-picked by Ms. Shiller to create Uplift High School.
  • There’s Cory Muldoon, formerly with the tax-exempt, non-profit, supposedly apolitical organization, O.N.E.  They like to hold marches.  Muldoon and O.N.E. protested the abysmal living conditions at Lawrence House, then acted appalled when the court-appointed receiver sold the building.  Somehow they blame Ald. Cappleman for not standing in the way of a private party selling its property to another private party. Speaking of O.N.E., you'll notice Jennifer Ritter, the current O.N.E. Executive Director. She was formerly the head of the Lakeview Action Coalition that actively protested the closing of Hotel Chateau. Apparently they were fine with people living in squalor. And now she's running a not-for-profit and organizing debates for the candidates because she's going to remain neutral. Cat's out of the bag now! Hopefully they will just be publicly endorsing Crawford and turning in their not-for-profit status now so we can all just clear the air.
  • There are former Shiller office workers on the list, as well as members of CopWatch.
  • Most prominently, there's Denice Davis, who endorsed Crawford in the run-off earlier this week. Denice, of course, was Ms. Shiller's chief of staff for many years ("This isn't your college campus, sweetie!")  She had a lot of criticism for Amy Crawford just a month ago, calling her out for not being involved in the community despite living in Uptown for ten years ("Who are you?")  In turn, Crawford dismissed Davis as "Uptown's Past."  But now Davis has enthusiastically endorsed Crawford's candidacy.  We wonder what happened to change her mind?  
As this email reveals, "Uptown's Future" may just end up looking a lot like Uptown's Past. "We’re excited about having you on the team!”


  1. I am SHOCKed. SHOCKed to find suggestions that Amy is anything but a breath of fresh air on the Uptown political scene. Are you suggesting that just because a few dozen of Shiller's old cronies are actively working to elect Amy and organizing via email and made up, POP46, activists groups that Amy should be held responsible for that. Just because her third, it is her third campaign manager isn't it, is exchanging emails with such people means nothing. All is well.

  2. It's kind of like Jeb Bush proclaiming that he is his own man, his own candidate. But, then he goes and hires all the same advisers used by his dad and brother.

  3. Are you sure there isn't some nuance in there somewhere?

    As for SRO's...She has stated that Uptown doesn't need more.

    Is this one of those, "I was against it before I was for it..." kind of things?

    Oh yeah.


  4. Seems like Amy's contribution tap has slowed down. She just reported donating $50,000 of her own money to her campaign. How sweet it is!

    Hey Amy? Amy? I ask twice since you seem to have multiple campaign personalities have you ever heard the phrase "throwing good money after bad"?

    I am so gonna enjoy election night. I've held back on the stuff I dug up because I didn't want to see it get lost in all this goodness. Maybe in two weeks or so.

    I can just imagine Team Amy on a plane. Some of you are old enough to remember smoking on planes.

    "Ladies and Gentleman this is your fourth campaign manager speaking. The smoking lamp is on because we're going down. It's been a fun ride."

    Crawford, Amy
    Occupation: Attorney
    Employer: Kirkland & Ellis 4800 N Kenmore Ave

    Chicago, IL 60640-3740 $50,000.00
    3/10/2015 3A
    Friends of Amy Crawford Crawford, Amy 4800 N Kenmore Ave
    Chicago, IL 60640-3740

    1. I would like to clarify that Amy "loaned" her campaign the money. So far she's loaned $85,000 to her campaign. I'm all about clarification. Amy is about "NUANCE". Nuance from the French and meaning roughly Le Bullsheet.

      Outside her own contributions...I mean donations....she's received 4 donations from people in the ward unless I missed any.

      Too bad those Depaul students she got to volunteer don't have deep pockets. Then again most of them don't live in the ward do they?

  5. This of course calls for an IrishPirate musical reflection.

    With apologies to Procul Harum.

    We skipped the Amy fandango
    turned cartwheels 'cross the ward
    I was feeling kinda seasick
    but Kaplan called out for more

    The ward was humming harder
    as the campaign flew away
    When we called out for another drink
    and Helen brought a tray

    And so it was that later
    as the Pirate told his tale
    that her face, at first just ghostly,
    turned a whiter shade of pale

  6. You forgot to mention the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Chicago Police who have all endorsed Crawford. Why is that? Does UU have an agenda to demonize any opponent of Cappleman?

    1. One Chicago Police Union endorsed Crawford--FOP.

      Sergeant's Union Endorsed Cappleman.

      Now I'm not suggesting that the FOP will withdraw their endorsement of Crawford because of her flip flopping on pensions, but I do know that it has been discussed. Some wittle Irish bird may have spoken to one of the more influential members of that group. Let's just say the bird dropped a seed and we'll see if it grows. I doubt it will because like any group they don't like to admit error, but you never know. Cops don't pay into social security and the idea of telling them pensions are sacrosanct and then saying something else to another group tends to piss them off.

      Crawford has done a good enough job of demonizing herself by actively seeking support from some of the folks mentioned in the email and her complete willingness to say one thing to one group and another thing to another group. She changes her positions as often as I change my underwear, well when I wear underwear, and that's generally twice a week.

      What you're seeing in the Crawford campaign is a slow meltdown. She reached out to the Depaul Democratic group a month or so ago. Before doing that she mentioned it on Facebook. Thanks Amy. I have enough nieces and nephews to fill out an Army Platoon and at any given time you can count on 2-4 being at either Depaul and/or Loyola. Do you really think I would miss an opportunity like that to "plant" a volunteer to give me all the good gossip? Hell my entire family is congenital democrats at least of that generation. They vary on Cubs/White Sox, but never on donkey or elephant.

      Now Sean UU posted your comment didn't they. Some pro Cappleman comments were made on Amy's Facebook page and were taken down yesterday. For all I know Cappleman's team may delete pro Crawford comments from his page. I don't follow his page closely since I support him. That's the way of the world.

      Here as long as you remain relatively civil and avoid serious profanity all sides are allowed to comment. If you want a different perspective there are a variety of Uptown related websites out there. Start one yourself. It seems to be the thing to do. How about "Uptown UpChuck" where you peddle your conspiracy theories?

    2. Sean,

      I need to thank you for posting that comment. You know what I forgot to do? I forgot to let my FOP contact know that Amy is now aligned with some of the biggest professional cop haters in Uptown.

      Thanks boyo. The Guinness is on me!

  7. Revealing who Amy's soliciting to campaign for her is demonizing her? Just facts, Jack. She's sleeping with dogs, she's gonna end up with some fleas.

    Let's talk endorsements since Sean brought it up. I don't think UU has played the endorsement game at all this time around. Let's compare and contrast right from their campaign web sites.

    Amy: The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), Chicago NOW, Reclaim Chicago, Grassroots Illinois Action, Independent Voters of Illinois (IVI-IPO), People Over Politics (POP) 46.

    James: U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Congressman Mike Quigley, Former Governor Pat Quinn, State Treasurer Mike Frerichs, State Senator John Cullerton, State Senator Heather Steans, State Representative Sara Feigenholtz, State Representative Greg Harris, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer, Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association – Policemen’s Benevolent & Protective Assoc., Unit 156, International Brotherhood Electrical Workers – Local 9, Chicago Firefighters Union – IAFF Local 2, International Union of Operating Engineers – Local 399, United Food and Commercial Workers – Local 881, Victory Fund, Citizen Action Illinois, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, Gun Violence Prevention PAC, Equality Illinois PAC

    1. I think Amy's endorsements are more impressive. James has a bunch of entrenched democratic machine politicians endorsing him along with special interest unions that want to keep the democratic machine generated gravy train running.

      Amy has more independent voices and non machine entities endorsing her.

    2. I think that an endorsement is usually a reflection not of who the endorser views as the best candidate so much as of who the endorser thinks will win the election.

  8. Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!

    I either just came up with that or I stole it from Sir Walter Scott.

    I just walked in the door, stumbled would be a better phrase, and I looked at the state contributions website. Guess who just reported raising some more money today. That's our Amy!

    She reported $8500 today. Go Team Amy!

    Six separate donations. Two from the 46th ward. That would be remarkable except both gave to Amy before. One is noted community leader Randall Doubet King. The second is Sheridan Park's favorite tearer down of old houses and restauranteurs the Finans! Happy St. Paddy's Week Finans!

    Lakeview Property Rentals LLC 1775 W Wilson Ave
    Chicago, IL 60640-4582 $2,500.00
    3/12/2015 1A
    Friends of Amy Crawford

    Now I know that address isn't in the 46th ward but it just happens to be linked to the Finan's who are the 46th Wards finest developers and beloved by all the voters in Sheridan Park. First donation used their home address. This donation uses a work address. What's next a PO Box? Be proud that you're giving to Amy. Shout it out! Let your neighbors know. Put up some Crawford signs in your various windows.

    This must be killing Littlelton. He boycotted the Finan's restaurant because they tore down "that old house" and now they're seemingly Amy's biggest contributors from our fine ward. Well except for Amy and she didn't contribute. She "lent" her campaign $85,000.

    Hey Amy hit up the Rutherfords again for some cash. That will be a big help in Sheridan Park. Like the Finans they are much loved.

    By the way Amy are you familiar with the phrase "prepare to repel boarders"?

    I have no reason to ask. Just popped into my mind.

  9. There is a post on the Second City Cop blog today regarding the 46th Ward runoff election. Later on in the day there should be some comments posted.

    MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015

    Dean, What's This?

    " But this here is actually more disturbing. We got this in an e-mail:
    The FOP endorsed Amy Crawford for alderman of the 46th Ward. She's in a runoff with James Cappleman, who got the Police Sergeants endorsement..."

  10. Amy Crawford also has the endorsement of the most impressive entity of all: Joey.

    The following is one reason I have seldom, if ever, seen mentioned:

    James Cappleman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, so he cannot accomplish anything without one key player: Corporate Counsel. Why not? Because Cappleman knows virtually nothing about law, especially Chicago law. Cappleman is likely to be an easy man to fast talk--if he doesn't have Corporate Counsel to hold his hand.

    Amy Crawford is a brilliant attorney who earned her J.D. from the University of Chicago in 2004 and who has considerable complex litigation experience. She would obviously need to work with Corporate Counsel, but it would be tough for anyone to pull the wool over her eyes.

    Amy Crawford wants to make Uptown grateful for having elected her as alderman. She knows how to achieve this objective.

    1. LOL. And your post speaks volumes. Attorneys don't have a leg up on anyone for their ability to speak for the people they represent--as a matter of fact, most of the attorneys are so full of themselves that they have to have their chains jerked hard to remind them that they represent CLIENTS, not themselves. "Brilliance" in attorneys usually moves them farther over to "conceited" and "self-absorbed", approaching "tone-deaf" and "self-serving". Show me something Amy has done IN Uptown, FOR Uptown (BEFORE she announced her run for office), then I will stop skewering her for her lack of "skin in the game, skin in the neighborhood".

      And saying that she "wants to make Uptown *grateful*" (my emphasis) is the biggest load of B.S. I have ever seen posted to this neighborhood blog. Helen Shiller wanted to make us "grateful", and we're still digging out from her years of corrupt "management" of the City and the Ward. I don't look to be made "grateful"--I look for candidates who demonstrate that they know what they're doing and that they're truly committed to the people they would represent, without flipflopping on issues depending on the audience, without padding their resumes, and who have been active around the Ward instead of suddenly appearing out of nowhere with financial backing only from Loop attorneys and people living in Ohio. Flip your statement around, joey--*Amy* needs to be grateful that anyone is voting for her.

    2. Bear,

      I suspect Team Amy is rather nervous as we wind down to election day. Her main twitter/everyblock man Quarky of the 5 or more ID's is in freak out mode. A few weeks back only he "discovered' that Capp's campaign site had been hacked by some porn site. More recently he's reporting gunfire off the scanner or outside his window very frequently. I always look at the UU FB page when he does that because the UU FB page tends to light up when there are reports of gunfire. Nothing on the FB page with his more recent reports. Although in fairness another Crawford follower did report gunfire around the same time as did someone else on twitter.

      It's amazing that with some of our more recent shootings Quarky or his imaginary wife had often been nearby mere minutes before. It defies the laws of probability, but then again so did the US Navy's victory at the Battle of Midway. Coincidences happen. I just tend to be a bit skeptical when they keep happening. Last night it was miraculous that noted Amy follower, Chicago Mumma, who appeared on twitter shortly after Team Amy became Team Amy, reported that her in laws were out and about during this spat of gunfire. Again coincidences happen. By the way guys if you think "blocking" me on twitter actually blocks me you're wrong. I'm a blockhead and know all about unblocking technology provided by the illuminati and Scientology. Or I just utilize another account.

      Speaking of coincidences I would like to congratulate Team Amy on some of her recent donations from businesses actually in the 46th ward. The new ownership at Crew gave her some $. Now I recall Amy saying something about being involved with the founding and/or management of a softball league so that may explain that donation. Gotta keep those teams coming in and drinking.

      Then the architecture firm MDT gave her some cash. Ok, when I looked at their portfoliio they did the work on Maggie Marystone's house that she bought from the city for a whole $5000. The later renovation won quite the accolades. Marystone was a Shiller aide and has lotsa links to both Shillers. Utilize the google if you don't trust me.

      Then Warren Preis the owner of the European Car service at 4080 Broadway gave her $1000. Now Nowotny's campaign kickoff was held there in 2011 and he also made a cash donation to that campaign. I have to say the donation surprised me though so late in the game. Now perhaps Herr Preis, I'm sorry I'm feeling European, just doesn't like Capp. Perhaps Amy takes her car there. I just don't know.

      However, and you knew there was a "however" coming, according to the assessor's office the two parcels there total 36,502 square feet. That's around seven typical city lots. Probably easily get 70+ units there with the right zoning. Of the few from the ward donations Team Amy has gotten people with potential zoning issues or beefs with Capp appear three times. Finans, Rutherfords and now Preis.




      Again maybe Preis has another reason for donating to Team Amy, but if I owned that property and were looking to retire after decades in business I'd be looking for upzoning. That stretch of Broadway is ripe for residential development. Hell I'd even support upzoning that parcel since I believe we need more density around here. After the election if Preis comes to reelected Alderman Cappleman looking for upzoning I hope Capp is decent enough to give him fair consideration after consulting with BPN and the neighbors.

      One more week folks.

      Get thee to early voting and pester thy neighbors. Remember until it's over it's not over.