Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Cannabis Group Awarded License For Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Late Monday, Gov. Rauner released the names of the organizations he granted licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana in Illinois.  There are 22 licenses available statewide to grow cannabis and 60 to sell it.  Many more organizations applied than were granted licenses, which are doled out according to state police districts.

Yesterday it was announced that one of the dispensary licenses was awarded to The Cannabis Group, which is the group behind the proposed move into the storefront at 5001 North Clark.  They received a license for District 44, as did MedMar, Inc.

So it looks like The Cannabis Group will be dispensing medical marijuana, but not necessarily at that location, which is still requires a Special Use Permit to be approved.  Ald. Pawar has been holding community meetings about the matter.  Last month, WFCW Block Club gave its approval by a two-to-one margin.

The next meeting on the matter will be held tomorrow night at the Bezazian Library, 1226 North Ainslie, at 6pm, sponsored by the NUNA Block Club.


  1. The problem isn't the dispensary, the problem is what happens around the dispensaries. In cities that already have legalized distribution the dispensaries are surrounded by homeless people and beggars. They basically know what the people are coming out with and beg to buy it from them or get a "hook up" Its at every location no matter what city or location. Its going to bring a bad group of people to that corner that I have to walk by every day.

    1. Not being an expert on legalized weed I decided to send your comment to an expert. Twenty + year veteran of local and state law enforcement who works in the legalized weed industry now. Here's his response:

      (His comments are beyond ignorant.

      He's describing a situation that exists in (some) California dispensaries, which, unlike IL, have NO state regulation, and wildly varying local regulation. He's also describing areas like Venice Beach that had large homeless populations before weed came anyway.

      Legal med weed prices will be marked well above street value. There's no price advantage in using straw buyers to buy product that you could already get on the street cheaper. IL regulations state that you can't loiter at dispensaries, or consume "medicine" on premise. This guy is just another person who is either very badly informed or willfully obtuse.) end of expert commentary and on to sarcastic commentary from me.

      Even if you were correct I would be happy that very sick people could get a medicine they desperately need. There is a give and take on everything. No change happens without some cost.

      This wouldn't even be an issue if federal and state governments didn't treat weed like a Class 1 narcotic--heroin, meth, cocaine etc.

      Even weed dispensaries are crazy. People should be able to go to a Walgreens pharmacy and fill their prescription. Better yet legalize it completely and let people choose what they want to do.

      I've never used weed, my family motto is "better dead than mellow", but I support the right of people to use weed if they choose to. If I had some illness and needed it I would be eating a pot filled chocolate chip cookie right now. Hell I might wash it down with a pot filled glass of wine or pot filled dark beer. I'm believe in choice!

      Joe Carlson you just need to accept that some changes sometime somewhere might somewhat impact your somewhat interesting existence. I suspect this weed dispensary wouldn't impact you in any tangible way and if it did that's a small price to pay so sick people can get some relief.

  2. Wow, this is great news!

  3. I don't worry so much about the dispensaries. They are required to have the best security/antitheft precautions available. The grow houses are where the real crime happens. A Colorado security expert says that every single cultivation center in the state has been broken into or had an attempt. There's a whole cottage industry springing up that specializes in three areas------guarding and patrolling the cultivation centers (ex special ops guys are the preferred employees)-----setting up security systems in the dispensaries and grow houses and-----getting the pot from the grow houses to the dispensaries. They know the cartels and gangs would just love to grab a shipment or two. There's a lot of money going into the security aspects.