Tuesday, February 17, 2015

One Week Until The Election

One more week.  Seven more days.

With one local aldermanic candidate first declaring her intention to run in autumn of 2013, it's been a long campaign season, and -- barring a runoff for mayor or in any of the aldermanic races -- it will all be coming to an end one week from tonight.  The polls will close at 7pm on Tuesday, February 24th, and the results will start trickling in shortly afterwards. Barring any technological difficulties at the polling places, we should know before midnight who will be the elected representatives for the 46th and 47th Wards.  (48th Ward residents, Harry Osterman is running unopposed.  But  come on out and vote on the advisory referenda and for your choice for mayor.)

So here's what you can do.  In a word, VOTE.  You can vote at any polling place in the city now through Saturday, 9am-5pm.  Here's a list.

No voting will take place Sunday or Monday.

Election Day is Tuesday. If you vote then, you must vote at your local polling place. Polls are open 6am to 7pm.  Check for your polling place here.

By law, there will be no grace period voter registration after Saturday.  Another reason to vote early.  If you're not registered to vote, and you don't do the grace period thing by Saturday, that's it.

We see a lot of strong opinions on this blog and on Uptown Update's Facebook page.  Here's your chance, a chance that comes up only once every four years, to take those opinions and have them count.  Vote for the candidate whose views are most closely aligned with yours.

Your next chance to vote for the leader of your ward and your city won't come until 2019. Do you really want wait that long to make your opinions known?


  1. One week to go. I love an aldermanic election.

    Cappleman ended the People's Church forum with this statement "I want you to think back four years.........." nice ending statement from the Capplemaniac.

    Think about that. Are we better off with James Cappleman as alderman than we were with Helen Shiller? Yep. Are we better off with him than we would be with Denice "I Love Helen and I won't Criticize her" Davis or Amy "Hey I believe whatever you believe" Crawford. Yep. Now would the ward be better off if I were alderman? Sadly, no. There's no such thing as perfeckttion, but Cappleman is a damn fine alderman.

    I don't have a problem with Crawford raising money from her partners. You generally take campaign money where you can get it. Given her near total lack of significant involvement in the ward prior to announcing her run that AINT surprising. Hell Davis had the best quip at the forum when she suggested no one at Christopher House knew who Crawford was. Snap.

    Cappleman is largely getting donations from businesses and real estate interests in the ward. AINT surprising Shiller used to also. It's called being an incumbent. If you search through Crumbling Crawford's donors you will find many attorneys who have given to GOP types and/or Democratic types. Capable Cappleman's donors are similar in that sense. One difference though is they or their companies generally have a direct stake in the 46th Ward. Crawford's donors are largely just law partners going through the motions of supporting a colleague. Given the size of that law firm it's possible some of her out of town partners who've donated wouldn't even recognize her on the street.

    Amy seems to be brandishing her credentials as a Democrat. Well I have little doubt she is a Democrat. It's not like there's a whole lot of room in the GOP for a lesbian. What is interesting though is that for two years she clerked for Northern Indiana US District Court Judge Philip P. Simon. Simon was appointed by President Bush. Solid GOP credentials. Hell Bush even tried to move him up to the Appellate Court, but President Obama took office before it happened. It was an unusual choice for Judge Simon. No Alma Mater connections. He did work for Kirkland for a short time. Maybe that was it. Maybe he just felt comfortable with her positions on various issues. Maybe he doesn't care about political affiliation and just looks for good legal writing skills. I dunno. She is a well respected lawyer. .

    Seriously, I don't believe Amy Crawford is a conservative. I don't believe she's a liberal. I believe she's an AMYCRAT or REPUBLICRAWFORD. What's that? Well that's a careerist making a move

    Denice's former boss, Bobby Rush, just endorsed Rahm. Does that mean Denice supports Rahm? I don't think so. Politics makes for all kinds of strange donations and connections.

    I think any reasonable person knows what Cappleman and Davis both stand for. They've been around long enough for folks to get a good feel for them. Crawford......she is a woman for all seasons. Think of her as a blank slate candidate who wants to be everything to everyone.

    Vote for Amy Because She cares about(insert your favorite issue here)

    Me I will be voting for Cappleman. Hell, I may have voted for him already. I can't recall if I was in Truman earlier today voting or if it was all just a dream. An alcohol fueled dream. Perhaps this entire election is just a figment of my imagination. Then again am I creative enough to come up with a candidate as craven as Crawford? More whiskey please!

  2. I just realized I didn't spend enough time skewering Davis. I blame the next Seven Drunken Nights I plan to be experiencing. I do love election season.

    Doomed Davis basically said she loved "Helen" and would say nothing bad about her. That's nice.

    It's good that Davis loves Helen. Too bad the Shillers don't seem to be returning the love in terms of contributions. Here's some political donations from 2014 that the Shillers or the consulting firm made. Lotsa names on that, but no "Davis". Did Denice forget to mention to them that she was running? Davis has taken in very little money except for a nice donation from the Teachers Union.

    Davis's websites were talking about a big mailing last week. Has anyone gotten a mailer from her campaign? I haven't. Of course given our lovely Broadway post office it might come after the election has past.

    Ah, you're drunk,
    you're drunk you silly old fool,
    still you can not see..........

  3. I got all the mailings. What a bunch of BS. Vote Cap. Why did the papers not endorse Cap?

  4. FYI They didn't endorse him last time either, I guess they like lawyers.

  5. In no way was I anywhere near early voting at Truman earlier. (shifty eye thing)

    I also did not see Amy Crawford near the front door and even if I did, I didn't, it would not be "electioneering" according to the law. Apparently there are different rules for different types of buildings. I also did not rush home in anticipation of posting a pic of Amy violating any such rules because I wasn't there and alas she didn't violate the rules.

    Also may be a link to a photo of a certain former Uptown Alderman voting at Truman today. I wasn't there so I can't be sure. Also I don't know how to use the photo thingee on my cameras because I am technically illiterate. Moreover, if I was there I removed any "metadata" from said photo, but I wasn't there and the photo isn't mine. Got it? Wink Wink Nudge Nudge