Thursday, January 8, 2015

Meet The 46th Ward Candidates (Twice) On January 22nd

From Business Partners - The Chamber For Uptown:

"Join us for a "Meet the Candidates" luncheon for the 46th Ward aldermanic election. The event will focus on economic development in the ward and will include candidates James Cappleman, Amy Crawford and Denice Davis.

The event will be held at Demera Ethiopian Restaurant on Thursday, January 22, from 11:30-1:00pm. $15 includes lunch. Payment accepted via PayPal online or at door.

Please RSVP by January 20 by clicking the link below.  Register Now!"

UU Note:  There will also be another event on January, sponsored by Buena Park Neighbors, at 7pm at the Holiday Club (4000 N Sheridan).  Check it out here.


  1. I wish I could take the day off just for the entertainment value!

  2. I hope the Holiday Club isn't overcrowded that night.

    Littleton will need room to twerk every time Amy let's out a zinger at Cappleman.

    I won't go to the Holiday Club event as the space likely isn't large enough for the crowd I would expect, but the earlier event might be fun. Plus there's delicious Demera food. I like food.

  3. I am still confused as to who Littleton and why he is so important to you.

  4. You don't know who Littleton is? Surely, you jest. Go to a public meeting in Uptown. Find skinny guy who lights up when he talks and is mildly disruptive. Has hair that SHINES with the light of the silvery moon. That's Littlelton.

    My twerking comments were brought on by the image I had in my brain of him protesting the Sonic on Wilson. He feels it's an atrocity because of the curb cuts etc. Jeffrey is an expert on all things particularly Urban Planning, underground utilities, traffic management, nuclear physics, counter insurgency warfare and mostly art.

    He will be annoyed at you for not knowing who he is. He will be happy to be discussed. He actually enjoys the attention. He's generally harmless, if annoying. You can find his comments over at Everyblock, DNA and The Reader sites. He is banned here for annoying the moderators by being a bit obsessive at times and for twerking in Uptown Updater's garden and in Caring Neighbor's jacuzzi.

  5. They banned Littleton? How sad! He's very much a part of Uptown and his delightful voice should be included within the cacophony. I thought he was a little funny, in an annoying "Bueller . . . Bueller" kind of way.